The Best Gifts for Motorbike Lovers

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Christmas shopping, birthdays or just a special occasion – we’ve got some great gift ideas for the biker in your life. 

We’ve all got those friends or relatives who seem impossible to buy for, and with Christmas seeming to come around earlier and earlier every year there’s nothing like getting ahead with your seasonal shopping.

If you’ve got a motorbike lover on your list to buy for, you might find some inspiration in our motorcycle gift guide. Whether it’s the perfect accessory, something small for a Christmas gift or even gift vouchers, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got gifts below for every budget so there should be the perfect gift if you are buying something special for someone you’re close to or even your office Secret Santa!

Prices are accurate at the time of writing

Muc-off Motorbike Care Range

Price: £3.99 – £174.99

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Muc-off Motorbike Care range

Valeting brand Muc-off offers a full range of motorbike cleaning products, from quick washes to full valeting kits for the real perfectionist.

The Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit is a great place to start – it comes with cloths, sponges and brushes as well as a cleaner, polish and protectant, all wrapped up in a heavy-duty storage box for easy transport. Or if you’re after something smaller, what about the set of five cleaning brushes, perfect for getting into every little nook and cranny of any bike?

Zippo 6-hour Refillable Hand Warmer

Price: £35.95

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Zippo 6-hour Refillable Hand Warmer

Winter rides often mean cold hands – and even gloves can’t always chase the chill away!

That’s where this reusable hand warmer comes in. Made by Zippo (the company behind the iconic cigarette lighter) it gives up to six hours of heat from a single fill of lighter fluid, perfect for warming up the coldest of hands after a long ride.

Its metal construction will last a lifetime and the high-polished chrome finish looks amazing, though you can choose other colours if you prefer.

Track Days Gift Voucher

Price: £50+

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Track Days Gift Voucher

If your biker buddy has a taste for speed, then one of the most high-octane things they could do is a track day. Operator Track Days offers gift vouchers to cover the cost, either in full or part, of undertaking one of these events – where all you have to do is turn up and enjoy riding around one of many great circuits like Brands Hatch, Oulton Park or Donington.

As long as you abide by the track’s own regulations there’s no rules, nor any racing – just an opportunity to get to know your bike in an environment totally unlike the regular roads.

Track Days vouchers are redeemable towards anything on the website.

Quad Lock Motorcycle Phone Mount

Price: From £52.90

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Quad Lock Motorcycle Phone Mount

Many weekend bikers relish the opportunity to put their phones away and simply avoid the world for a while when riding – but for commuter or touring bikers, a good phone mount can make life so much easier.

Quad Lock’s products come highly recommended and ensure a really secure fit. You can get mounts for most modern smartphones and choose a handlebar, mirror or fork stem attachment for them.

Thinking of taking up touring motorcycling? Check out the best touring bikes here.

JDC Jaws Motorcycle Disc Lock

Price: £21.99

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JDC Jaws Motorcycle Disc Lock

A big investment like a dream bike needs to be protected, and a disc lock with an alarm is a really easy but effective deterrent.

This JDC lock is bright yellow to give an obvious warning to any would-be thieves and blasts out an ear-splitting 110 decibel alarm if it’s moved.

Harley-Davidson Key Ring

Price: £12.99

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Harley-Davidson Key Ring

A key ring really is the essential accessory – whether you’re giving it to someone who already owns the bike in question, or whether it’s simply a placeholder to give in anticipation of someday having the bike to match it.

You can’t get much more classic or desirable than a Harley-Davidson, and so this leather and nickel key ring ought to appeal to many.

Of course, most bike manufacturers have an accessory catalogue, so you can get the right key ring for the right person.

Prefer a smaller bike to a Harley? Here’s our guide to the best 125cc bikes.

Alpinestars Neck Warmer

Price: £11.69

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Alpinestars Neck Warmer

The cold air has a habit of getting into all those little gaps you never knew your clothing had when you’re out riding – close up one of them with a handy neck warmer. This double-layered fleece affair from Alpinestars is moisture-wicking for comfort and stretches to go over any size or shape of head.

And, in a pinch, it doubles as a face covering for when you need to nip into the petrol station.

Lomo Drybag Day Sack

Price: £29.95

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Lomo Drybag Day Sack

A good, waterproof rucksack is a total essential for bikers who don’t want all their possessions ruined by the great British weather. This one from Lomo is simple but very effective, designed for motorcyclists, sailors and canoeists.

It has two main compartments, with the larger one featuring a fully dry roll-top closure, while there’s a complete set of twin shoulder straps, waist belt and chest strap to keep it secure, comfortable and supported.

Monimoto Motorcycle Tracker MM5

Price: £149

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Monimoto Motorcycle Tracker MM5

Even the best-secured bikes can be nicked and this discreet, battery-powered tracker can help if the worst happens. It works by pairing up to a fob you keep on your keys, and if the bike’s moved without this paired key nearby it turns on the GPS tracker, calls your phone and sends you the co-ordinates.

With no setup required, the Monimoto doesn’t affect your motorcycle’s warranty and can easily be transferred to a different bike.

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