How much does it cost to keep the kids quiet on the road?

Last updated by on March 12th, 2020

School’s out, family holidays are well into their swing and 5.3 million parents will bundle their kids into the car and across the UK on trips.

While Cliff Richard would have us believe that Summer Holidays are something to look forward to, research by Skoda has revealed that almost one third of parents are dreading long car journeys with the kids.

One of the main reasons for that looming sense of doom, alongside busy traffic, is that famous saying favoured by kids across many generations:

“Are we there yet?”

It’s surely one of the most annoying questions you can hear in a vehicle but according to Skoda it will be uttered more than 3 million times from the rear of family cars throughout summer.

That means 63 per cent of families will hear the question, proving once and for all that kids find it less annoying than their parents.

Following closely behind are cries of “I need the toilet” and “I feel sick”, with 2 million and 1.6 million utterings respectively.

So what does it cost?

90 per cent of parents will stock their car with food, drink and entertainment to keep their kids occupied but no matter how much you spend in advance, you’re likely to spend more again when you’re on the road.

Skoda research shows that UK families will spend £140 million over summer to keep their kids onside, working out at around £42 for each return journey for parents.

That’s roughly the equivalent of a full tank of petrol and that doesn’t answer back or drop crumbs across your seats.

How can I keep my kids in check?

Skoda says that getting the kids to fall asleep is the number one tactic to keep your kids quiet.

If that fails, it’s wise to turn to games to stop any cries of discontent.

52 per cent of parents say that I-Spy is their favourite in-car game, followed by Hangman with 19 per cent, and the licence plate game with 16 per cent.

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