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Last updated by on March 2nd, 2022

Best Thrill-Seekers’ car, Off-Roader and finance winners revealed

Parkers – the definitive resource for car buying advice in the UK – has partnered with to bring you the awards for the Best Thrill-Seekers Car, the Best Off-Roader and Best Car finance in the prestigious Parkers New Car Awards 2022. The winners are the Toyota GR Yaris, Land Rover Defender and Renault for its great deals, and are three of a total of 20 award winners revealed today (27 September) by Parkers. 

For Thrill-Seekers, the Toyota GR Yaris was a clear-cut winner. If there’s one thing we’ve got to say about the Toyota GR Yaris, it’s believe the hype. Few performance cars have delivered such a joyous driving experience in recent years, and the fact it’s relatively affordable makes it even better. Its diminutive size means it’s ridiculously light for a modern hot hatch, making this far faster than the horsepower figure would suggest.   

Keith Adams, Parkers Editor, said: ‘The GR’s appeal isn’t based purely on speed – its feedback and feel are unrivalled, and its ability to deliver old-school thrills are near addictive. A winner in my book, tempered only by a long waiting list.’ 

For Off-Roaders, there was just one car that could take its place at the top of this particular mountain – the Land Rover Defender. It wins not for its off-road skills, which make driving across challenging terrain as easy as a run to the shops, but for its on-road manners and comfort. There’s enough of the classic Defender DNA to feel at home in but now you get air suspension, brilliant in-car tech and even a plug-in hybrid. Or, if you prefer, a V8. 

Keith Adams, Parkers Editor, said: ‘The world has been enchanted by the new Land Rover Defender, and so have I. From its chunky, reboot-a-legend styling to its functional and well-planned interior, via a sensible engine line-up, here is a car that looked great out of the box.’ 

On the Best New Car Finance award, Parkers finance editor Murray Scullion said: ‘Renault takes home first place this year because it manages to zero deposit, zero APR and deposit contributions at the same time on the same deals. This means you can walk into a showroom with no deposit, get some money off a Clio in the form of a deposit contribution, and pay no interest for spreading out the cost into monthly chunks.’ 

The winners have been appraised rigorously by the team, which judged the best in their class for a combination of value, quality, reliability, cost-per-month on finance deals and fitness-for-purpose. Finance was minutely evaluated, too. 

Keith Adams added: ‘In this year’s New Car Awards, we’re excited to have come up with such an interesting selection of winners. We’ve taken what we know about what our users are viewing on Parkers, with the team’s combined 100+ years of editorial expertise. We’re more than happy to our winners – they’re all part of a brilliant line-up of cars.’ 

Now in its fifth year, the Parkers New Car Awards 2022 continue to reflect the views of Britain’s car-buying public, with winners decided by a combination of the site’s expert reviewers’ verdicts in thousands of miles of road testing and the purchasing habits of the website’s 2.3+ million users actively involved in the buying process. 

More details about the Best Off-Roader, Thrill-Seeker and Car Finance awards can be found alongside all of the winners in the Parkers New Car Awards 2022 on the Parkers website.

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