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What car manufacturer you choose to drive can have a big impact on the cost of your car insurance…

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How does insurance group affect the cost of cover?

All cars belong to one of 50 insurance groups – the lower the group number, the cheaper the car is to insure. A number of factors affect which group a car belongs to – for example, engine size, security, and cost of parts. 

Specification also plays a part in determining group number which is something else to bear in mind if you’re looking for a new or used car. For example, a basic model could be in group 1 but a higher spec version with a bigger engine and fancier gadgets could be in a much higher group and cost you a lot more to insure. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to compare different models even within the same range because the insurance group might not be as high as you think it is.

To get an overall idea of what you can expect by car manufacturer, here’s how different car brands compare. 


Audi car insurance

Part of the VW family, Audi is another manufacturer with a reputation for quality cars. If you’re looking for the cheapest Audi to insure, the A1 series is worth a look with basic models in group 16. 

Larger, sportier or performance Audis like the Q8, and R8 series can all be found in the highest groups and range from group 47 to 50. 

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BMW car insurance

Broadly speaking, most models fall into groups 20+ while top spec versions of the BMW 5, 6, and 7 series can all be found in the highest tiers. 

However, despite being considered a luxury brand, you can get great deals on BMW car insurance if you opt for models in the BMW 2 Series, including the Gran Tourer which starts in group 10. 

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Citroën car insurance

Part of the Groupe PSA family, Citroën is probably most well-known for the quirky Citroën 2CV which aimed to provide affordable, practical transport to the masses. Sadly, Citroën stopped manufacturing the domed roofed, bug-eyed 2CV in 1990. 

Older models in the Citroën C1 range are in group 1 – the lowest insurance group while newer versions can be found in group 6. The slightly larger C3 still offers competitive insurance with models starting in group 8 up to group 22. 

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Ford car insurance

The very first Model T Ford rolled off production lines in 1908 making it the first mass-produced car in the world. A few years later, Ford introduced another first – the moving car assembly line which reduced manufacturing times from 12 hours to just over an hour and a half per car. 

Ford now operates in around 200 countries and with a vast choice of models, you’ll be able to find cars ranging from insurance group 1 (Ford Ka) all the way to group 45 (Mustang). 

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Honda car insurance

Honda is the world’s largest motorbike manufacturer with bike production starting in 1946 after the war, their first cars weren’t launched until the 1960s. 

The ever-popular Honda Civic made its first appearance in 1972, it’s now in its 10th generation with global sales exceeding 24 million. You’ll also find the Honda Civic in a range of insurance groups from group 15 through to group 40. If you’re looking for a model in a lower group, the smaller Jazz range is another option worth considering.

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Hyundai car insurance

Hyundai (meaning ‘modern times’) began as a construction company but it wasn’t until the 1960s when Hyundai factories began producing the Cortina on behalf of Ford that the firm decided to begin manufacturing its own cars. The ‘Pony’ became Hyundai’s first car and was sold across the world. 

Fast-forward to the 2000s, and Hyundai suddenly increased in popularity with the launch of their SUVs, the Santa Fe and the Tucson. Hyundai cars offer great value with the Hyundai i10 being one of the cheapest to insure in group 1. Their SUVs range from groups 12 (for older model Tucsons) to group 40 for a newer Santa Fe. 

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Jaguar car insurance

Despite Jaguar’s history as a luxury British brand, it’s actually now owned by the Tata group, based in India. Previous owner Ford sold Jaguar to Tata after the brand failed to make any profit for almost 20 years. 

Under Tata’s ownership, Jaguar has undergone a transformation with the launch of a number of new models, including the electric I-PACE. Jaguar is still very much a luxury brand, so they aren’t the cheapest to insure. The lowest insurance group you’ll find is group 22 for a basic spec Jaguar XE.

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Kia car insurance

Part of the Hyundai group, Kia is one of just a handful of manufacturers who also offer a seven-year warranty which is the longest of any on the market (other brands offering this include SsangYong, and MG). 

The most cost-effective Kia on the market is the Kia Rio hatchback, which is in group 2, closely followed by the Kia Picanto in groups 3-10. 

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Land Rover car insurance

Along with Jaguar, Land Rover is now owned by the Tata group based in India. The very first Land Rovers were a far cry from today’s luxury cars, and they started out as tough, utilitarian vehicles. There are still just a handful of models – from the Velar to the Range Rover but thanks to their top spec interiors, gadgets, and cost of parts and repairs, they’re also in some of the highest insurance groups. 

A basic model, older Land Rover Discovery Sport can be found in group 24 but otherwise most models fall into groups higher than this. 

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Lexus car insurance

Founded in 1989, Lexus is the luxury arm of Toyota and is now sold in more than 90 countries although the US market is by far the largest. 

An older model Lexus CT hatchback can be found in insurance group 17 but most cars in the Lexus line up are in much higher tiers as you’d expect from the brand focussing on luxury. For example, the Lexus RC F, LS, LC coupe and convertible, range from groups 45-50.

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Mazda car insurance

Like Peugeot, Mazda didn’t start out as a car company and began as a cork manufacturer. It wasn’t until 1931 when the firm (then called the Tokyo Kogyo Co. Ltd) launched a tricycle called the Mazda-Go, that its foray into vehicle manufacturing began. 

Now, Mazda produce a variety of cars, from midsize hatchbacks like the Mazda 2 to their sporty MX and SUV ranges. Mazda dominates mid-level insurance groups from 13-34. 

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Mercedes car insurance

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1883, they’re best known for their luxury models and high-performance line, AMG. 

Similar to BMW, most Mercedes models can be found in insurance groups 23 or higher with the popular GLE series in the top groups ranging from 41-50. Smaller models in the B Class are the least expensive to insure and range from group 12 to 31.  

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Peugeot car insurance

Peugeot began as a coffee mill company before switching to bicycle production in 1830. Peugeot is now part of the Groupe PSA, which also owns Citroën, Opel and Vauxhall. 

If you’re after a Peugeot that’s cost effective to insure, it’s worth taking a look at the Peugeot 108 which ranges from group 6-13 depending on the spec level. Generally, Peugeots represent good value when it comes to insurance, even their SUV model, the Peugeot 3008 comes in at a relatively modest group 36. 

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Porsche car insurance

Founded in 1931, by father and son partnership Ferdinand Snr and Ferdinand ‘Ferry’ Jnr, Porsche is now part of the VW group. Manufacturers of some of the most desirable sports cars in the world, means there isn’t really a cheap Porsche to insure and most models fall firmly into the highest groups. 

The least expensive model to insure is the Porsche Cayman coupe (group 42), but even that is far higher than many other brands. 

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Smart car insurance

If you’re of a certain age, it’s likely you’ll remember Smart being launched in 1998. Originally a joint project between watchmaker Swatch and the VW group, Smart is now owned by the Daimler group (who also own Mercedes). 

Older Smart cars are available in both petrol and diesel, but new models are electric only. Smart cars can be incredibly cost effective with vehicles in group 1 all the way up to group 30 for top spec Smart ForFour models. 

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Skoda car insurance 

Skoda was originally Czech but is now owned by the VW group who bought the firm in the early 2000s. The VW partnership has been a huge success story, boosting the popularity of the Skoda brand while giving VW a competitive entry level range. 

Based on that, it’s no surprise that Skodas are some of the best value cars to insure with the Skoda Citigo in group 1. Even the larger Fabia and Fabia Estate can be found in groups 2 – 14. In fact, the highest group you’ll find the newest Skodas in, is group 30 (for a top spec Skoda Kodiaq SUV).

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Toyota car insurance

Manufacturing since 1937, Toyota is now one of the world’s largest car makers. In 2019, Toyota sold more than ten million cars worldwide (second only to the VW group). 

Toyotas span a wide range of insurance groups, from a modest group 5 (Toyota Aygo) all the way to group 48 for the Land Cruiser. 

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Volvo car insurance

Thanks to engineer Nils Bohlin, Volvo has become synonymous with road safety. Bohlin, developed the world’s first three-point seatbelt which was introduced into Volvo cars in 1959. 

Volvo continue to dominate car safety and announced all new Volvos will be limited to a top speed of 180 km/h (111 mph). Lowest insurance group models include the Volvo S40 (group 16) while you can expect to find a top spec Volvo XC90 in group 45.

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