How to get the cheapest insurance for learner drivers

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Starting out on the road is expensive. There are no two ways about it, unless they both say expensive.

There’s the cost of getting your provisional licence, the cost of driving lessons, the cost of your theory test and the eventual cost of your driving test too (we’re not even throwing the cost of L-plates into the mix).

All in all it makes for an expensive start to life on the road and you can see why lots of learner drivers and lots of parents like to get their kids practicing outside of official driving lessons to speed up the process.

To do that, learners need learner driver insurance and guess what, that can be expensive too. The good news is it probably isn’t as expensive as you think.

What is learner driver insurance?

Learner driver insurance is similar to other forms of car insurance but there are some major differences:

The major differences:

Learners don’t have a full driving licence

We know we’re stating the obvious but a lack of a full driving licence is the major difference between a learner driver’s insurance and a standard insurance policy.

Young people and inexperienced drivers usually pay more for insurance because of risk, which is based on stats, stats that show young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. That’s how insurance is calculated.

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The length of a learner driver insurance policy

According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), learner drivers are recommended to have 47 hours of professional lessons on the road and an additional 20 hours of practice outside of lessons.

While some learners will take less time than that to pass their test, some will take longer, but there won’t always be year-round opportunities to practice driving outside of lessons.

That means short-term policies are common for learner drivers and they may help you save money when compared to a 12-month policy.

But, if you have access to a car, a 12-month policy may be more cost-effective. It really depends on how long it takes for you to pass your test, which is pretty hard to predict.

Learners pay more

All in all, learners generally pay more to be insured on a car – whether it’s their own or somebody else’s – because they are seen as more of a risk than experienced drivers and therefore more likely to be involved in an accident – and it gets worse if you’re between the age of 17 and 24, as you can expect your premiums to rise when you pass your test.

But with some clever shopping around you may be able to save money on learner driver insurance policies.

How to get the cheapest learner driver insurance prices

There are a few techniques you can use to make sure that you find the cheapest quotes available for learner drivers.

It may not be as cheap as you want but at least you won’t feel like you have missed an opportunity of getting your policy cheaper somewhere else.

Compare as many prices as possible

Learner driver insurance is expensive, there’s no getting around that, but some policies will be cheaper than others, especially those from insurers who specialise in learner drivers.

One way to ensure you’re getting the cheapest deal available is by comparing as many prices as possible.

And that’s where steps in – we allow you to compare prices from the UK’s leading insurance brokers with one easy online form or one  simple phone call.


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Compare as many different policies as possible

There are different insurance options for learner drivers, whether that’s a Comprehensive policy, being a named driver on somebody else’s policy for 12-months or short-term policies on your own car.

There is a lot of choice and some policies are more expensive than others. Again, the secret to getting the lowest price is to shop around and compare different types of policy to see which is cheapest.

Be flexible

You may want to get your own insurance policy while you learn but it may not be the most cost effective option, instead being a named driver on somebody else’s policy might be cheaper.

Likewise, you may want a 12-month policy even though you will only drive the car in the summer holidays; in this case a short-term policy over summer may be cheaper.

You need to be flexible and willing to change your policy if you want to get the cheapest deal.

Look at the whole policy

Price is one aspect of your car insurance that may influence your decision but the policy is also important.

We know it’s not easy deciding which insurance policy to choose so if you’re still unsure what types of learner driver insurance policies are available to you, you can phone and talk through the different options and the quotes available to you.

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