Guide to Race Car and Track Day Insurance

Last updated by on March 2nd, 2022

From competitions to race day meets, enjoy peace of mind with track day insurance, here’s what to consider.

What is track day insurance?

Track day or competition car insurance compensates you if your car is damaged at an organised track or racing event.

Cover for track days is usually offered by specialist providers rather than standard car insurance firms simply because of the unique risks involved. Policies are generally flexible and you can buy single or annual policies depending on how many events you go to.

What does track day insurance cover?

Competition car insurance varies by the insurer so it’s well worth comparing policies to ensure you’re getting everything you need, as well as value for money. 

Typically, track car insurance will cover your vehicle for any damage — regardless of who is responsible for it. Other features to look out for in a track day racing policy, include cover for:

  • Fire damage.
  • Personal injury.
  • The journeys to and from track events.
  • Specific UK and European track events.
  • Tools you keep in your car for maintenance.

Does track day insurance include third party liability?

Track day insurance doesn’t usually cover third parties. In other words, you’re only responsible for covering the cost of damage to your own vehicle. 

For example, if another car crashed into yours, it would be up to you to cover the cost of repairs rather than the responsibility of the other driver. This is because participation at track days is purely at your own risk.

Doesn’t standard car cover include track insurance?

Standard car cover rarely includes track insurance. If you think your policy does, it’s vital to make sure you have this in writing.

In most cases, track day insurance is bought as a standalone policy. If the car you use on track days is the same as the one you use for everyday driving, it could mean you need two separate policies (one that covers road use and one that covers events). 

If you’ve got modified car insurance, your policy may include limited cover for race and track days. And if in doubt, always check your policy documents or speak to your insurer.  

Does track car insurance cover road use too?

This really depends on the conditions set out in your track insurance policy. Typically, you’re only covered for road use on the way to and from an event. If you use your car daily for regular activities like commuting, you’ll need a separate policy to cover this.

Are there age limits for track insurance?

Some policies do have age restrictions — for example, you may have to be at least 25 to be eligible but no older than 70. 

Restrictions could also vary by car. So, if you’re under 25, you might qualify for some policies but only for certain types of car.  

How much does track day insurance cost?

Like other types of car insurance, the cost really depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Age — if you’re under 25, your choice of policies may be limited and those that are available could be more expensive than average.
  • Experience — if you’re an experienced track driver, this could help shave some money off your premium.
  • Type of policy — whether you choose an annual policy for unlimited events or cover for ad-hoc days.
  • Type of car — the more expensive it is, the higher your premium is likely to be.

Remember that you’ll also need to tell your insurer about any modifications you’ve made to your car, particularly, if changes have increased performance. If you don’t declare any modifications, you risk invalidating your policy. That means your insurer can refuse to pay out, leaving you facing expensive repair costs. 

Do you need insurance for a track car?

If you’re driving to race days and events then yes, you’ll need car insurance to use public roads. 

If not (for example, if you tow your track car) you don’t need car insurance or an MOT as your car doesn’t need to be ‘road legal’. Nevertheless, it must be safe to drive and it should have working lights and seat belts. 

Always bear in mind that third party liability is a rarity when it comes to track insurance. So, if your car is damaged, it’s up to you to have it fixed. With that in mind, track day insurance can be a much more cost-effective (and sensible option). 

How can I lower track day insurance costs?

You can help lower the cost of competition car insurance by:

  • Paying for your policy upfront instead of installments. 
  • Increasing your voluntary excess.
  • Choosing the tracks you visit carefully, some tracks are deemed ‘safer’ than others.

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