Guide to Caravan Security

Last updated by on July 21st, 2020

If you own a caravan you’ve probably spent a fair chunk of money on it so keeping it safe and secure will be a priority.

Unfortunately lots of caravan owners only start to think about security when it’s too late because the chances of a touring caravan getting nicked seem remote.

The good news is that keeping your caravan secure doesn’t need to be expensive and even the most basic forms of security can be enough to deter thieves.

Here are a few caravan security devices you should think about:

Hitch Locks

Hitch Locks are an affordable bit of kit that help keep your touring caravan more secure.

They cover the hitch of your caravan and are locked in place, in theory preventing thieves from attaching your caravan to their vehicle and driving it away.

They’re not unbreakable but act as a decent deterrent to keep thieves at bay, at worst it will slow thieves down.

Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps completely immobilise the wheels of your caravan, which makes stealing a caravan a much more difficult task for thieves.

The sight of a wheel clamp can be enough to deter thieves but if they’re dead set on removing them, they can but it will take a lot of time and effort to remove the unit.

As well as deterring thieves, wheel clamps also keep your caravan stable, something that’s particularly useful if you’re parked on a slope.

Security Posts and Ground Anchors

Fitting a security post on your driveway may seem like a quite a full on security measure but they’re incredibly effective when it comes to preventing theft.

Once fitted, they provide a physical barrier and when they’re used with a hitching post and lock, you get double the protection.


Wheel Stands or Winter Wheels

Wheel Stands or Winter Wheels replace your standard wheels and keep your caravan off the ground.

For thieves, that means they need to remove the winter wheels and fit normal wheels before they can steal your caravan.

For owners, as well as keeping their caravan more secure, winter wheels also prevent accelerated wear and tyre on your actual tyres.

If your caravan was in storage for a long period and constantly sitting on tyres in changing temperatures, they will wear away quicker.

Corner Locks or Leg Locks

Corner Locks or Leg Locks keep the legs of your caravan locked in the down position.
The benefit of this cheap security device is that it makes your caravan so much more difficult to tow away.


Caravan alarms work in the same way as burglar alarms at home. The use of stickers to show your caravan is alarmed (even if it’s not) can also serve as a deterrent to thieves.

Microchips and Tracking Systems

Microchips and Tracking Systems are becoming increasingly popular for caravan owners.

While they might not prevent theft they certainly make retrieving your stolen caravan much simpler and quicker.

They work in the same way as any other vehicle tracking device and with up to 4,000 caravans stolen every year in the UK, it’s a good call to fit one.

Roof Markings

Roof Markings are potentially the most basic form of security device you can have for your caravan but they can prove effective if your caravan is caught on camera after being stolen.

Roof Markings are literally distinct markings made by an owner to help police identify your camera.

As they’re on the roof they generally go unnoticed by thieves but they can still be seen by motorway cameras.

The other good news about caravan security

As well as making your caravan safer, security devices can also result in a reduction in the cost of your caravan insurance.

That’s because lots of insurers will offer discounts for anyone with security devices fitted to their caravan but beware, not all insurers offer the discount and often it depends on the piece of security you have.

That’s why you should check with your insurer whether the security device you want to fit will reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

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