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Last updated by on September 6th, 2021

Folding campers offer a half way house between camping and caravanning.

It’s an affordable option compared to a caravan and because of their off-the-ground beds, they’re a bit of luxury in the world of camping.

That’s why they’re a popular alternative to tents, motorhomes and caravans and probably why you’re here looking for insurance.

Folding camper insurance with

If you already own a folding camper or you’re considering buying one, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can compare insurance quotes with

We compare folding camper insurance quotes from a panel of specialist insurers. All you have to do is complete a simple online form and watch the quotes roll in from the likes of Lifesure, Flux and E&L Vanguard.

What does folding camper insurance cover?

Folding camper insurance differs from insurer to insurer and the level of cover you choose.

There are a few types of cover that you will need to decide between:

Agreed value cover

Agreed value cover is agreed at the start of your policy. You and your insurer agree on the amount you will receive in the event that your folding camper is damaged beyond repair.

New for old cover

New for old cover means that if your folding camper is destroyed beyond repair, you’ll be paid the amount of a brand new similarly specced model.

Market value cover

Market value cover policies mean that if in the event of your folding content being beyond repair, you will be paid an amount equal to the current market value at the time of your claim.

There are other things for you to consider when it comes to folding camper insurance, however they are some of the biggest choices you’ll need to pick between.

What is a folding camper?

Folding campers are at the higher end of the trailer tent market because they’ve got almost as much in common with a caravan as they do with a tent.

The bottom half of a folding camper is essentially a caravan and they often come fitted with cooking facilities and a built-in toilet.

In addition, the ends of folding camper bases usually extend allowing extra room for beds at either end of the base unit.

On the outside, extra awnings can also be added to give a bit more room again. They’re big, spacious and sturdy tents come caravans

American import or large folding campers are another common sight on UK campsites.

Essentially they’re folding campers but bigger and sit at the luxury end of the market.

Can I tow a folding camper?

Towing a folding camper is just like towing any other trailer or touring caravan.

Generally, you’ll only need a standard UK licence to tow a folding camper but it all depends on when you passed your driving test and the weight of your folding camper, your towing vehicle and what they weigh combined.

You can find a full breakdown of what weight of camper you can tow here.

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