Motorbike insurance terms explained

Posted by on January 20th, 2016

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, there are lots of different terms, phrases and jargon to get your head around.

It’s easier not to bother learning what some lingo means if it’s something you hardly ever need but when the language involved could save you money or be the difference between a successful insurance claim or an unsuccessful one, learning a couple of phrases becomes a bit more important.

Green Card:

A Green Card is an international motorbike insurance document. It shows that you are insured to ride in that particular country and can be used as proof of insurance.

You should check your insurance policy to see whether it includes a Green Card for travel abroad.

Security devices:

These are the tools you use to secure your motorbike against theft or damage when it is not in use. There are various security devices available including disc locks, chains and padlocks.

Your insurer will have a list of approved security devices and using one can reduce the amount you pay for your policy.

Laid Up:

Laid Up motorbike insurance is a form of cover for anyone who keeps their bike in storage, usually over winter. It gives very basic cover that protects your bike from theft or damage but you cannot ride your bike on a Laid Up policy.

Motorbike insurance terms explained

Multi Bike:

If you own more than one motorbike, Multi Bike insurance can save you money and reduce hassle because your multiple policies are bundled into one.

Temporary insurance:

As the name suggests, Temporary insurance is another name for Short Term insurance.

Pay as you go insurance:

Pay as you go insurance is another name for Short Term insurance.