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  • Types of bike insurance
  • Cost of motorbike insurance
  • Does bike insurance cover modifications?
  • FAQs
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Why compare motorcycle insurance quotes?

We understand just how important your motorbike is and that you’ll want to protect it as best you can – which is why it’s crucial to have the right kind of cover. Not only do policies compensate other people for injury and damage, they can help pay to repair or replace your bike too should the worst happen. 

But finding a policy that fits your needs can be time consuming – not to mention confusing too. That’s why we make it easy to search and compare cheap motorbike insurance. So, whether you ride a classic, cruise on a cruiser or revel in speed on your sports bike, start your search for great cover right here at

Bike insurance FAQs

What are the types of motorbike insurance?

There are three types of motorbike insurance to choose from:

  • Third party only – covers the cost of damage done to other people’s property if you have an accident. Policies can also provide compensation if someone else is injured. It’s the minimum amount of cover you can legally have in the UK and is essential if you ride your motorcycle on UK roads. Bear in mind that third party only won’t pay to fix your motorbike.
  • Third party, fire and theft – includes everything offered with third party only cover and will also compensate you if your motorbike is stolen, damaged by attempted theft or destroyed by fire. 
  • Comprehensive – includes everything provided with third party, fire and theft cover and will also pay to repair or replace your motorbike in the event of an accident, even if the accident is considered your fault. Comp cover as it’s sometimes known, is the highest level of cover available.

Comprehensive insurance is often considered the most expensive of the three options but it’s well worth comparing all types of policies. While third party only cover can be the cheapest option, comp cover generally offers greater all-round protection which could prove better value in the long run.

What extras can I add to motorcycle insurance?

As well as choosing the level of cover, you’ll be able to add other types of insurance to your policy for a slight increase in cost. Features that are worth considering include:

  • Legal expenses cover – pays for legal fees and covers court costs if you decide to make a claim against someone or need to defend yourself. 
  • Breakdown cover – helps get you back on the road if you have a roadside emergency.
  • Leathers cover – compensates you if your helmet or leathers are damaged in an accident.
  • Pillion cover – insures any passengers that ride with you. 
  • Personal accident cover – provides compensation if you’re unlucky enough to have a serious accident and need financial help. 

What types of motorbike can I insure?

When you search for motorbike insurance, you’ll be asked for specific details about your bike, to make sure you have the correct cover for what you need. There are a range of policies to cover the different types of bikes, including:

  • Scooters and mopeds – typically inexpensive to buy and relatively simple to fix, scooters and mopeds can be cheap to insure. The exception is if you’re a newbie rider and under 25 as you’re considered to be at higher risk of an accident than a more experienced biker.
  • Classic and vintage bikes – insurers set their own rules about what’s defined as a ‘classic’ so it’s important to specify how old your bike is. Even if you only ride your classic or vintage bike on the odd occasion, if you’re riding on public roads, remember that it’s a legal requirement to have third party only cover at the very least.
  • Modified bikes – these are bikes that you’ve customised yourself or have had customised for you. Modifications can inflate premiums simply because your bike is unique which can mean parts are hard to come by and it could be pricey to repair. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to be upfront with any and all modifications you’ve had done, if you forget to disclose details, it could invalidate your policy which means your insurer can refuse to pay out. 
  • Sports bikes – these generally include powerful, high-performance motorcycles. They can be expensive to insure because of their speed, power and their desirability which can make them a target to thieves.
  • Cruisers and touring bikes – designed for comfort and long distances, if you take yours out regularly and cover a number of miles, it could be sensible to consider add-ons such as breakdown cover and pillion cover if you carry a passenger. 

What affects the cost of motorbike insurance in the UK?

Just like car and van cover, the cost of your motorcycle insurance is influenced by a wide range of factors, for example:

  • Your age and experience – if you’re a young or inexperienced rider, you could face higher than average premiums because statistically, the chances of being involved in an accident are greater.
  • Your riding record – if you’ve got points on your licence or have any motorcycle convictions, it’s more than likely to increase the cost of insurance.
  • The type of bike you have – powerful, desirable, rare, or highly modified bikes tend to cost more to insure because they can be a target to thieves and can cost more to repair.
  • The level of cover you choose – comp cover tends to be more expensive than third party only or third party fire and theft but as insurers set their own terms and determine their own prices, it’s vital to compare bike insurance to ensure you’re getting value.
  • Where you live – if you live in an area with a high crime rate, you can expect to pay more because there’s a greater chance of a claim being made.
  • How secure your bike is – lower premiums tend to go hand in hand with security so the more secure your bike, the better. For instance, immobilisers and bike locks are good and if you can, storing your bike in a locked garage overnight is ideal. 
  • Your voluntary excess – this is the amount you need to pay in order for your claim to go ahead. Having a higher excess can lower the overall cost of your premium but it should still be affordable because if you can’t pay it, your claim won’t proceed. 

Does motorcycle insurance cover me when I ride other bikes?

Insurers set their own conditions so whether you can or can’t ride other bikes will depend on the terms in your policy so always double check rather than presume you’re covered. 

If you are covered to ride someone else’s motorcycle, it’s highly likely that you’ll only be covered for third party damage. In other words, if you have an accident while riding someone else’s bike, your insurance will compensate the injured party but won’t cover the cost of fixing (or replacing) the bike you were riding. 

Does motorcycle insurance cover modifications?

Motorcycle insurance can cover modifications, but it really depends on the wording in your policy. Some insurers will allow for minor modifications without them impacting your premium too much while other changes could have a significant effect on what you pay. 

If you’re considering modifying your bike in any way and are concerned about the impact on the cost of insurance, it’s a good idea to speak to your insurer first.

Another point worth noting is that some modifications are classed as accessories (for example, bar ends). If this is the case with your insurer, you’ll need to specify how much all your accessories cost and make sure they’re included in your policy. If they aren’t added, your insurer could decide not to compensate you for them.

Can I add other bikes to my motorcycle insurance policy?

If you’ve got more than one bike or your household has several keen motorcyclists, you can opt for a multi-bike policy. These policies will cover a number of bikes under one plan. While you’ll pay for each bike to be added, it can be cheaper than insuring each bike on its own individual policy.

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