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It’s natural to want the biggest and the best, everyone does it if they can and if they say they don’t, we don’t believe them.

And that’s one of the reasons why 125cc motorbikes, scooters and mopeds are so popular in the UK.

They’re as big as it gets in terms of capacity for anyone who has completed their Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) so naturally; lots of learners and new riders go for 125s when the chance arises.

Types of motorbike insurance for 125s

With 125s being some of the most common bikes on UK roads, you won’t be surprised to hear that you can get almost any type of insurance for them.

ComprehensiveThird Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only, you’ll be able to get whatever type of cover you want.

Is 125cc motorbike insurance different?

Insurance for 125s is no different to insurance on any other capacity motorbike.

That means that the prices you see on mustard.co.uk are the result of your circumstances, including things like your age, address and how many years No Claims Bonus you have.

Who can ride a 125cc?

A 125cc motorcycle is the first port of call for most people when they set out on their life on two wheels.

That’s because when you pass your CBT, if you’re aged 17 or older, you can hop straight on to a 125cc with Learner plates and hit the road.

From there, bikers have two years until their CBT becomes void, at which point they either need to retake the CBT or have passed a theory test and full motorcycle licence practical test to continue on a 125cc or move up to a more powerful bike.

How can I save money on 125cc insurance quotes?

There are lots of ways you can save money on your 125cc bike insurance, with mustard.co.uk’s Cheapest Price Guarantee just one way you could save money.

With our Cheapest Price Guarantee, if you find a cheaper quote anywhere else online, we will beat it.

On top of that, there are a few other things you can do to reduce your 125cc bike insurance.

  1. Pass your test

Getting a full motorcycle licence could reduce the amount you pay for your insurance.

More insurers are likely to offer you quotes when you have a full licence rather than just a CBT; and those quotes are likely to be slightly cheaper than they were when you just had a CBT.

It is worth pointing out however that savings are likely to be small and somebody who has ridden for years on just a CBT and racked up years of No Claims Bonus could pay less than a new rider with a full licence.

  1. Keep your 125cc bike secure

Keeping your 125cc motorcycle secure and parked on a driveway or in a locked garage will reduce your insurance premium, as will an approved security device.

  1. Limit your mileage

The less you drive, the cheaper your 125cc bike insurance will be.

When estimating your annual mileage when comparing quotes, be accurate. If you’re only going to ride 4,000 miles per year, make sure you only pay for that amount, rather than 10,000.

Where can I get 125cc motorbike insurance?

Whether you want a Comprehensive or Third Party insurance policy for your 125, mustard.co.uk can help.

We compare 125cc insurance prices from some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers, which means you get to pick from some of the cheapest motorbike insurance quotes.

Who is mustard?

We are experts in insurance comparison, dedicated to helping you compare quotes online quickly and easily.

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