126-650cc Bike Insurance

Posted by mustard.co.uk on January 20th, 2016

126cc to 650cc is a pretty big range to cover and that means the number of motorbikes that falls inside these limits is pretty big too.

As a result, lots of UK motorbike riders need insurance for bikes that are between 126cc and 650cc in size.

Essentially that means people are looking for insurance that covers anything from big scooters to small cruisers, mid-range sports bikes and lots of Japanese imports.

How much is 125-650cc bike insurance?

If you own a 250cc or a 650cc bike then you’ve usually moved up the motorbike ladder in terms of power.

Most people start on something small in capacity, like a 50cc or 125cc and then move up to something bigger because they are more powerful and are capable of reaching higher speeds.

And if you’re riding something with more power, you’ve probably had to pay a bit more for it too; two factors which mean your insurance will be more expensive, whether you go for a Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only insurance policy.

Where can I get 125-650cc bike insurance?

If you’re looking to insure your brand new 650cc or get fresh quotes on your 250cc the mustard.co.uk can help you get covered.

We compare prices from the leading names in insurance which is great news for you because it means you get to pick from the cheapest quotes around.

You can get quotes with mustard.co.uk online or give us a call if the thought of filling in another form is too much of you.

Compare Bike Insurance Quotes

Compare Bike Insurance Quotes