Classic Bike Insurance

Classic vehicles are loved by many but owned by few, so if you’re lucky enough to own a real classic motorbike, you’ll want to get it insured properly.

With, you can insure your precious classic bike either online or over the phone.

That should be music to the classic owners’ ears because each classic is unique and different and while an online insurance form will be enough, it’s nice to have the option to speak to a real person about your pride and joy.

What is a classic motorcycle?

Insurers categorise classic bikes differently so it depends who you are talking to but the one rule that most insurers use to classify a classic is that it is at least 20 years old.

Are classic insurance policies different?

Classic motorcycle insurance policies are different to standard bike policies because each classic is unique.

This is good news if you own a classic because generally insurance policies for 30-year-old bikes are cheaper than for new builds.

That’s because classics are generally in good condition after more than two decades of being well looked after.

Classic bike riders are also statistically less likely to make a claim on their insurance as well, so that’s reflected in lower premiums.

In terms of the policy itself, the main difference with classic insurance is that there are sometimes mileage caps – something that shouldn’t trouble many classic owners as these bikes aren’t normally used as everyday runarounds.

How to get classic motorcycle insurance?

You can compare classic motorcycle insurance prices with online and over the phone.