How to get the cheapest motorbike insurance

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With we will beat your cheapest online quote, we think that’s a pretty emphatic way of ensuring you get the cheapest motorbike insurance quotes.

But as well as taking advantage of the Cheapest Price Guarantee*, there are a few other things you can do to help reduce your motorbike insurance premium.

11 top tips to lower your motorbike insurance quotes

  1. Compare

Comparing quotes from different insurance brokers is the best way to make sure you see the lowest prices available.

We’d even advise you to use as many different insurance comparison websites as possible too, then, if you do find a cheaper quote elsewhere online, come back to and we will beat it.

  1. Size isn’t everything

A 125cc motorbike is a lot cheaper to insure than a 1000cc behemoth. It’s a simple fact, so if you’re keen to keep insurance costs down, keep the engine size small.

  1. Be secure

Using security devices approved by your insurer can lower your premium, as can parking off the road overnight. While parking in a garage isn’t always an option for some bikers, buying an immobilizer and a tracker is.

  1. Be accurate

There are some questions you need to answer when comparing motorbike insurance quotes that you might not know the exact answer to.

For example, how many miles do you ride annually? Few people will know the exact answer to this but it’s important to be as accurate as you can.

If you say you will ride 5,000 miles per year and actually ride 15,000, you will sometimes have to pay charges for going over your limit. Similarly, if you say you will ride 15,000 and ride 5,000, you’ll pay more, and for miles you won’t ride.

  1. Be open to different policy types

Are you a fair weather rider or do you ride all year-round? If you have large spells of the year where you don’t ride at all, then a temporary or short-term insurance policy might be better for you.

How to get the cheapest motorbike insurance

  1. Be realistic

Voluntary excess is a cost you have control of. The higher it is, the lower your insurance premium will be but be realistic.

A voluntary excess of £500 might reduce your insurance premium substantially, but if you can’t afford it when you need to make a claim, your insurer won’t pay out.

So be realistic and make your voluntary excess affordable because you need to pay a compulsory excess as well.

  1. Limit other riders and passengers

Additional riders and cover for passengers will automatically add costs to your insurance premium.

Whether that’s a simple administration fee for adding a named rider or an increase in costs because of the additional risk of the named rider, you will have to pay something.

At the same time, an insurance policy that covers passengers will cost more than a policy without pillion cover. If you never carry passengers, don’t add it to your policy and save money.

  1. Modifying costs money

Bikers like to modify their bikes, adding after market exhausts and all manner of extras.

There’s nothing wrong with that but modifications always need to be declared to your insurer and a lot of the time a modification can cost you extra.

  1. No Claims Bonus and your licence

One of the best ways to keep the cost of your motorbike insurance policy down is to have lots of No Claims Bonus (NCB) and a squeaky clean licence.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible for everyone so it might be worth protecting your NCB to avoid losing it and driving carefully to keep your licence clean.

  1. Advanced training

Insurers will have lists of approved training schools and courses, advanced training with one of these schools could lower your insurance policy.

  1. Be honest

Everyone knows that the easiest way to lower your insurance policy is to bend the truth.

If you’re 17, saying that you’re 62-years old with 10 years NCB will reduce your insurance dramatically.

It’s an extreme example but some riders are economical with the truth to shave pounds off their policy.

In the event of making a claim, if you’re found to be lying on your policy then you may have to pay for any repairs yourself, sometimes you will have to pay a full year’s policy in one lump sum and in some cases you may face prosecution.

It may seem like an easy way to save money but it could cost you dearly in the long run.

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