Motorbike Insurance for Learner Riders

Last updated by on July 7th, 2020

Learner riders are common on UK roads because they’re allowed to ride as long as they have L-plates slapped somewhere on their moped, scooter or motorbike.

Once someone holds a provisional driving licence and has completed their Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) they can legally get on the road.

What learners ride depends on their age but whatever they ride, they will also need some form of insurance (and L plates).

Learner rider insurance

Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific policies for learner riders in the UK and that means you need a standard insurance policy which is going to be expensive.

Ultimately that’s because when you ride a bike as a learner, you’re on the bike and the road on your own. There’s no experienced co-pilot there with you or an instructor in the back seat.

That’s why learners have to pay more, as well as the fact that learner riders are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident on the road.

If you’re a young learner then that’s a recipe for expensive premiums. Sorry!

What does that mean for learner riders?

That means that if you’re a learner rider, you will need to get a full motorcycle, moped or scooter insurance policy.

And because age and experience are two of the most important factors in calculating insurance costs, you will end up paying more than those who have held a licence even for just one year.

How much you pay for your insurance depends on a number of different factors but age and experience lead the way.

How is motorbike insurance calculated?

Insurers use different factors to calculate your insurance premium, some of the most important factors are:

• Age
• Experience
• Your bike
• Your job
• Your address and where you keep your bike
• The type of cover
• Your driving and riding history
• Your mileage

There are lots of other factors that will also come into calculating your insurance costs, but the above are some of the most important.

While there is not a lot that you can do about things like your age, riding experience, your job or address (unless you’re really committed and want to change career and move house to save some money), you can tweak a couple of things to reduce the cost of your first insurance policy.

Motorbike insurance for learner riders

Keep things small and manageable

If you are 17 or over and have completed your CBT, you can ride a motorbike of up to 125cc. This will be more expensive to insure than a 50cc moped or scooter that can’t exceed 30mph.

Insurers also offer discounts for smaller mileage allowances. So, if you only ride 3,000 miles per year or less, your premium will be cheaper than if you have a mileage allowance of 15,000 miles.

But don’t lie. If you exceed your mileage allowance you may have to pay an additional charge.

Think secure

Obviously, you’re not going to move house to reduce your insurance premium but you can buy approved security devices to whittle down the price.

Type of cover

Usually, Third Party Only policies are cheaper than Comprehensive policies, weigh up whether you need Comprehensive or whether a Third Party policy is enough.

While we know price is important getting the right level of cover in place first is more important, once you’ve got the right policy, then you should look at price.

Compare prices

The best way to get the cheapest motorbike insurance quotes is to compare as many as possible to make sure you’re not paying over the odds.

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