Moped Insurance for 16 Year Olds

Last updated by on November 8th, 2022

One of the big plus points for two-wheelers is that you can ride one when you’re 16.

That means you could be on the road a whole year ahead of your friends who will only drive a car – and that’s why lots of 16 year olds start life on the road on a moped or scooter.

What kind of motorbike can I ride at 16?

At 16 you can’t ride a motorbike, you’ll have to make do with a moped with a top speed of 25km/h to 45km/h.

That limits what you can ride pretty much to a 50cc moped and at 16 you must display L (learner) plates at all times.

But you can’t just buy a moped, slap on L-plates and get straight behind the handlebars; there are a few other legal requirements as well.

What do you need to ride a moped at 16?

Before you can legally ride a moped at 16 you need to get a provisional driving licence and complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Then there’s the obvious, you need insurance to legally ride on UK roads.

Scooter and moped insurance for 16 year olds

Insurance providers in the UK deem 16 year olds high risk based on accident data available to them.

That’s not surprising because a 16-year-old driver does not have experience on the road and that unfortunately means insurance policies are expensive.

Are there specialist insurance policies for 16 year olds?

Most UK insurers will offer policies tailored to young riders but you normally have to tick some boxes to be eligible for any discounts.

For example, insurers usually have a list of approved security devices and if you have one of them it will be reflected in a slightly cheaper insurance premium.

Motorbike insurance for 16 year olds

What can a 16-year-old do to get cheaper moped insurance?

There are a number of things 16 year olds can do to reduce their first moped insurance premium:

Use security devices: As mentioned, insurers look favourably on riders who use approved security devices including ground anchors and trackers.

Advanced training: If you take part in further riding training from a list of approved providers, your insurer may offer you a discounted premium.

Limit your riding: Most insurers offer discounts to any rider who covers less than 3,000 miles a year. Obviously, the more miles you ride, the higher your insurance premium. The most important thing here is to tell the truth. If you’ll ride more then say so as it could save you money in the long run.

Parking: If you can park your moped off the road and in a secure garage, your insurance should be lower than if you were to park on the road.

Compare: We always say that comparing as many different quotes as possible is the best way of ensuring you get the cheapest price available.

Build up your No Claims Bonus (NCB): We know this is impossible when you’re starting out but as soon as you get one year of NCB your insurance price should reduce.

By doing the above your first moped insurance policy as a 16-year-old should be as cheap as you can make it.

It still won’t be quite as cheap as you had hoped for but if you keep a clean licence and build your NCB year-on-year then your insurance premium should reduce as you get older.

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