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Posted by on February 26th, 2016

Not many riders admit that they’re a fair weather biker, someone who only gets out on two wheels when the sun is shining and the roads are dry.

But the popularity of Short Term, Temporary (and sometimes Pay-As-You-Go) motorcycle insurance policies shows that there are more fair weather riders in the UK than you might expect.

What is Short Term Bike insurance?

Temporary motorcycle insurance is a flexible and potentially money saving insurance solution for riders who don’t ride all year round.

As the name suggests, Short Term insurance policies do not last 12 months and range in length from anything as little as one day to as much as a month.

They provide the same levels of cover as standard 12-month policies, including ComprehensiveThird Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only, just for less time.

Can Temporary motorbike insurance save me money?

Temporary motorbike insurance is a simple form of cover but one that’s got many names.

Whether you refer to it as temporary or pay-as-you-go motorcycle insurance, it all means the same thing: Insurance for when you’re riding your motorbike and not when it’s stored away.

Why choose Short Term motorcycle insurance?

Temporary motorcycle insurance is a good option for any motorbike owner who doesn’t ride regularly and leaves their bike off the road for long periods of time.

For example, lots of riders in the UK, where we’re not blessed with the nicest weather in winter (or Spring, or Summer, or Autumn), keep their riding down to sunny weekends and dry evenings only.

That means some riders will probably only use their bike for three or four months of the year and for the rest of the time it will sit under a cover on the driveway or in a garage.

If that sounds like you and you’re not using some form of temporary insurance cover, you’re arguably wasting money.

Motorbike insurance for learner riders

Why am I wasting money?

Comprehensive insurance policies sit on the top of the pile when it comes to insurance cover.

Comprehensive provides more cover than either Third Party option and that means in almost every incident, you will be able to make a claim for damage to your bike or yourself.

That also means it’s usually more expensive than any other form of cover, so if you’re paying for Comprehensive cover on a bike that you hardly ever ride, you’re paying for cover you don’t necessarily need.

Likewise, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only cover is expensive if you’re not using your motorbike, especially when you can get a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) and not pay for any insurance when you get your motorcycle SORN.

So is Short Term motorbike insurance the money saving solution? If you don’t ride your bike very often, then Short Term insurance could definitely save you money however there are a couple of downsides to temporary cover.

Things to consider with Short Term insurance

  • Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) rules

CIE rules state that every vehicle in the UK must at all times have insurance whilst it is on the road.

Short Term insurance obviously won’t keep you insured all year round so as soon as your temporary policy finishes you must either insure your bike again or SORN it.

  • SORN doesn’t come with insurance

Getting a SORN on your vehicle will keep you on the right side of the law but it doesn’t come with insurance built-in. That means if your bike is damaged or stolen whilst SORN, you don’t have any insurance in place.

We’d never advise leaving your motorbike without insurance because you never know what could happen however there is a solution in the form of Laid Up insurance, which keeps your bike covered against theft or fire damage whilst it is in storage.

How long is Temporary motorbike insurance?

Short Term motorcycle insurance policies vary in length and can be for as little as one day to 28 days, it all depends on the insurer you choose.

Where can I get Short Term motorcycle insurance?

As you might have guessed, you can compare Short Term motorcycle insurance quotes with

We compare insurance quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers, which means you get to browse and pick from some of the cheapest quotes around.

So if you don’t think it’s worth paying for a full 12-month insurance policy, get in touch and see if a Short Term motorbike insurance policy could save you money.

Compare Bike Insurance Quotes

Compare Bike Insurance Quotes