Quad bike insurance

A Quad bike is not a traditional form of transport and you don’t often see parents dropping the kids off at school on the back of them.

While they’re used on farms to haul goods over rough terrain, they’re also used for fun.

But however you use your Quad bike, you need insurance to cover your all-terrain adventures if you ever use them on UK roads.

Is Quad bike insurance different?

Like with most things in insurance, the type of cover you get depends on what you want and what your insurer provides.

That’s especially the case with Quad bike insurance because not all insurers will cover you and your Quad. In fact, lots of insurers will run a mile because of the risk associated with riding them.

If you have an approved, road legal Quad then you should be ok and you can get different levels of cover, as well as optional extras like breakdown and business use cover.

Where can I get Quad bike insurance?

We aim to help every motorist find insurance in the UK, so you won’t be surprised to hear that you can get your Quad bike covered with mustard.co.uk.

We compare quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers so all you have to do is choose the policy that you want.

So whether you want to compare Quad bike insurance prices over the phone or online, mustard.co.uk can help.