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Alert: Some on the information on this page may no longer be relevant post-Brexit. For the most up to date information, please visit GOV.UK

American motorhomes are extremely popular in the UK but not everyone knows the difference between an RV and a European or UK motorhome or campervan.

What’s the difference between an American RV and a UK or European motorhome?

The big difference between American RVs and UK or European motorhomes is size.

American RVs are generally much bigger and offer a lot more space than standard motorhomes.

They usually have a separate bedroom with enough space to walk around the bed, whereas standard motorhomes have an interchangeable living space and bedroom.

UK and European motorhomes on the other hand are generally smaller and have less space for amenities; in some RVs you can get full fridge freezers inside.

American RV Insurance

American RVs aren’t cheap and because there’s so much more space inside, they’re often jam packed with mod cons and expensive technology.

As a result it’s important to get the level of cover you need for your RV so if the worst comes to the worst and you need to make a claim, you’re not out of pocket.

How to get your American RV insured

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for American RV insurance because at we’ve got a panel of specialist brokers for you to compare quotes from.

All you need to do is fill in a simple online form, answering questions about you and your RV, click get quotes and then wait for the quotes to roll in.

We’ll even send you an email and an SMS confirming your cheapest quotes.

From there, all you need to do is decide which policy and price is right for you, click get quotes and get the insurance you want.


How to save money on American motorhome insurance

Because of the size and expense of American RVs, insurance for these big motorhomes is usually more expensive than insurance for UK and European equivalents.

There are ways you can lower your insurance though and they’re all relatively easy to do.

1. Limit your mileage

Just like any other form of motor insurance, the fewer miles you travel in your American RV, the cheaper your insurance is likely to be.

That’s because you’re on the road less and therefore less likely to be involved in an accident or damage your RV and ultimately, less likely to make a claim.

2. Keep your RV secure

Where you store your RV overnight has a big bearing on the cost of your insurance.

Storing your RV on the street outside your home is more expensive than storing it in a secure Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) or on your driveway.

Think carefully about where you store your RV and if you can, use a CaSSOA site.

3. Be careful with modifications

If you modify your RV in any way, you will need to inform your insurer.

Depending on the insurer and the impact your modification has on your RV, your insurance could go up as a result.

The best advice would be to keep modifications to a minimum or alternatively, talk to your insurer to find out what the impact of your proposed modifications would have on your premium.


4. Named drivers can go one of two ways

Adding a named driver to your RV policy is common and makes sense because you can share driving loads on long road trips.

But if the named driver you add to the policy is under 25 or has a driving history littered with claims, you could end up paying more.

If the named driver on your policy is experienced, has a clean driving licence and lots of years No Claims Bonus (NCB) behind them, the cost of your insurance could go down.

Think carefully about who you want to add to your policy and, if in doubt, talk to your insurer to find out the impact adding a named driver will have on your policy price.

5. Get involved with a recognised club

Joining a recognised owners club can slash the cost of your insurance because of what it implies about you.

Members of clubs are usually enthusiasts, which means you’re more likely to take care of your RV, something that’s rewarded by insurers because you’re less likely to make a claim in their eyes.

6. Where you go and extras

EU travel is usually included in standard RV insurance policies however come insurers charge extra to cover you for travel abroad.

If you’re only going to use your American RV in the UK, there’s no point paying extra for EU cover.

Similarly, lots of other extras are nice to have but they’re not always necessary. So if you’re intent on keeping the cost of your insurance as low as possible, don’t go for options and extras you don’t need.

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