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Campervans are growing in popularity in the UK with more than 12,332 mobile homes sold in 2016.

That growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down with more and more Brits turning to campervans because of the freedom they provide.

While all-inclusive breaks and long-haul foreign holidays will always prove popular, there’s no budging the UK obsession with campervans.

There’s something reassuring about the fact that a holiday is just a drive away if you own a campervan.

What’s different about campervan insurance?

Your campervan is unique and so is the insurance you need to cover it because it’s not a van and it’s not a car either.

Your campervan is specific, the fact that you live in there for a period of time and the fact that it probably comes with some kind of cooking or cleaning facility means it’s very different to standard car or van so your insurance needs to reflect this.

On top of that, they’re also usually much more expensive than a standard car or van too.

All in all it makes in a pretty unique offering, which goes some way to explaining why you need a specific form of insurance and also why it generally costs more than a standard van insurance policy too.

How is campervan insurance calculated?

Like any form of cover, campervan insurance is calculated using lots of different factors relating to the driver and the campervan itself.

Some of the major ones include:

1. Claims history
2. Convictions
3. Type of use
4. Occupation
5. Number of drivers
6. Storage postcode and security
7. Style e.g. body type

How to save money on your campervan insurance policy

Everyone wants to save money if they can, whether that’s on their insurance or on their next purchase.

What people don’t want to do is save money by buying a lesser product, something that’s especially true when it comes to insurance for your campervan.

It’s your pride and joy, it hasn’t come cheap, and you don’t want to risk all that by plumping for insurance that doesn’t provide the level of cover you need.

Fortunately there are lots of ways to save money on your campervan insurance without abandoning the level of cover you want. Here are a few:

1. Named drivers

The drivers on a policy have a huge impact on the cost of your insurance. If you’re an experienced driver with a long No Claims history, your insurance will be cheaper.

While you can’t magic No Claims Bonus (NCB) out of thin air, it’s an important point to be aware of, particularly when adding other named drivers to your policy.

If the named driver is under the age of 25, your premium will more than likely increase so if you don’t have to add them to your policy, don’t.

2. Mileage

Like with any form of motor insurance, the fewer miles your drive, the cheaper your insurance should be.

That’s obvious because it means you’re on the road less and less likely to be involved in an accident or to damage your camper.

3. Where you travel

If you take your camper abroad you’ll need EU insurance cover. Some insurers include EU cover in their policies as standard but some will charge you extra to travel abroad.

If you’re only going to travel in the UK, you shouldn’t pay for EU cover, so make sure you inform your insurer.

4. Modifications

If you want cheap campervan insurance, modifications are a bit of a no go and any modification should be declared to your insurer.

If your modification doesn’t improve the performance of your campervan, and, for example, it’s a purely superficial change, your insurance may not go up.

However upgrades to engines that result in an increase in power or performance may drive the cost of your camper insurance up.

5. Storage

When you’re not using your campervan, it’s parked up and stored somewhere and that somewhere can have a dramatic impact on the cost of your camper insurance.

If you park your campervan on the street, you’re going to pay more for your insurance than if it was parked on your drive or at a secure Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) location.

Essentially the rule of thumb is the more secure the location you keep your camper, the cheaper your insurance should be.

6. Join a club

Members of caravan and campervan clubs usually get cheaper campervan insurance.

That’s because being a member of a club says something about you. It says you’re committed and enthusiastic about your campervan. As a result it implies that you’re more likely to look after your camper and take care of it, and therefore less likely to make a claim.

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