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Last updated by on November 13th, 2019

Campervans are incredibly popular in the UK but not everyone chooses to buy an off the shelf model with more and more vanners choosing to modify vans to get the campervan they want.

And the good news is that you don’t have to be a mechanic or a carpenter to convert your Caddy into a comfortable campervan or motorhome.

There’s lots of help and advice available online to walk you through your conversion, which is why self build campervans are common in campsites around the UK.

What is a self-build campervan?

A self-build motorhome isn’t usually a vehicle that’s been built from scratch but is usually a conversion from a van to a campervan.

Vans like the Citroen Berlingo, Ford Transit LWB and the Mercedes Sprinter are commonly used for van conversions because of their dimensions.

They provide lots of room inside to fit anything from a bed to a kitchen sink and they’re usually much cheaper to buy and convert than a brand new, off the shelf model.

The extent some people go to with their conversion jobs varies massively and a lot of the work undertaken is dictated by budget.

Whether you go for an elaborate conversion or keep things basic, you’ll need a suitable campervan insurance policy for your vehicle because it’s no longer a van.

When does a van become a campervan?

A converted van needs to have the following fitted permanently to be classed as a campervan:

– A door providing access to living area
– A six foot bed; can be converted to seating
– A water storage tank or container
– A seating/dining area; this can be detachable however fixings must be permanent
– A storage unit
– A cooking facility powered by gas or electricity
– A minimum of one window in the living area

These are the minimum requirements for your converted van to be considered as a campervan.
You will need to update your V5C logbook; that’s a legal requirement.

How to get your self-build campervan reclassified

Legally, your self-build campervan needs to be reclassified if you’ve converted a standard van.

To do this, you need to have completed your van’s conversion and send the following items to the DVLA:

– Completed section 7 of your V5C form
– Photographic evidence of the completed conversion

Your photographs must show:

– A completely finished vehicle with the required features in place and visible
– Front and rear shots which clearly show registration plates
– If there is a rear door, it should be open to reveal some of the interior
– Interior photographs of each required feature
– Photographs of the bed and table in usable positions
– Include a description of what is being shown in the photograph on the back of each image, along with the date and vehicle registration number

In addition, you should also include any additional details you have about the conversion, sending the following where possible:

– Any engineers reports relating to the conversion
– A cover letter outlining why you are seeking reclassification; this should make it clear that you understand the requirements involved in converting a van into a campervan
– The date your conversion was completed

If the DVLA do not consider what you have sent to be sufficient evidence to reclassify your van, they may wish to inspect your vehicle before giving it the green light.

Insurance for your self built campervan

If you’ve converted a van into a campervan (or motorhome or motor caravan as they’re sometimes known) you’ll need to get the right form of insurance.

As your V5C form will now tell you, your van isn’t a van anymore and your insurance will need to change as a result.

Luckily, campervan insurance is usually cheaper than standard van insurance, so your decision to convert your van could save you money, at least when it comes to your premium.

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