h&r Insurance

Last updated by mustard.co.uk on September 8th, 2017

Hanson & Robertson (h&r) insurance is a UK-based car insurance specialist that operates out of the north west of England.

Established in 1972, the broker has over 40 years experience in providing the best car insurance deals for UK motorists.

h&r specialises in unusual cases so whatever your circumstances, the Blackburn-based broker should be able to help, whether that’s because you have motoring convictions or an unusual import.

That’s why h&r sits on the mustard.co.uk panel. We only compare quotes and prices from the leading brokers in the UK, which is great news for you because it means you only see the cheapest deals.

Remember as well, if you’re fed up of filling in online forms, you can compare quotes from insurance brokers like h&r over the phone with mustard.co.uk.