MyPolicy Car Insurance

Last updated by on September 8th, 2017

MyPolicy is a car insurance broker that specialises in young driver policies.

Young drivers pay more for insurance and unfortunately, there’s no way around that if you’re aged 16-24.

But there are ways that you can reduce the amount you pay if you’re a new driver and telematics is one of them.

Smart Box for 17-20 year olds

MyPolicy uses telematics technology to help safe drivers save money on their car insurance premium.

  • 17-20 year olds could save up to 65 per cent off their first policy.
  • Monitor your driving online and earn extra rewards.
  • No curfews for young drivers.

Low Miles Insurance for over 21s

The good news is that MyPolicy also offers discounts for any driver’s aged 21 or over.

Again, it’s another form of telematics but if you keep your miles down and drive safely, you will be rewarded by cheaper insurance prices.