The FAQs

Posted by on September 16th, 2015 is a brand new website and when you’re introduced to any new person, product or brand, you want to get to know them.

That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ to answer any questions you might have about who we are and why we’re different.

We also get lots of insurance questions too, so we’ve answered some of them as well.

What is is a car, van and motorbike insurance comparison site that prides itself on doing things differently. It’s the insurance comparison service that allows you to compare quotes over the phone as well as online. We’re also the only site to tailor our quote service when you compare over the phone, which means you get quotes that suit your needs and circumstances. And the biggest promise we make to you is to beat your cheapest online quote with our Cheapest Price Guarantee. You can visit our About Us page to learn more, as the name suggests, about us.

How does work? has a relationship with every broker and insurer you see on our website and the quote form you complete (online or over the phone) is agreed upon by all members of our panel. This means you get lots of different insurance quotes from lots of different brokers and insurers with one form.

The brokers and insurers will not always provide you with a quote and that’s because, based on the information you’ve provided, they sometimes can’t offer you an insurance policy.

As a user you then make the decision to purchase one of the policies displayed on our quote results page, quote confirmation email, SMS or over the phone. If you decide to buy, you will then be passed over to the broker or insurer you have picked.

At this point is no longer directly involved in your insurance and any enquiries you have about your policy should be directed towards your insurer.

Is free? provides a free quote finding service. We take commission on policies bought from our panel of insurers and brokers but this commission does not change the price of the policies you see. Essentially, they’re the same quotes you’d see if you went to each broker directly.

Your data and

Your data is important to us and we never sell it on to third parties. We follow strict procedures to keep your data secure and use it only for the purposes of providing you with the service you have requested – namely getting cheap car, van and motorbike insurance quotes.

The only time your data will be used outside of this is for regulatory purposes.

When your data moves to the insurers and brokers we introduce you to, essentially the providers you’re taking insurance out with, they will have their own set of Data Protection Policies, which may differ to ours.

What they can’t do is use your data for general marketing purposes, unless you tell them they can.

If you want to delete your data, you can contact us and we will make all reasonable efforts to delete your information from our files.

How our quotes are displayed

When you receive quotes from, whether that’s online or over the phone, they are ordered by price with the cheapest first.

They are not ranked in any way other than price as we do not provide recommendations or advice to our users.

Our guides and information

The information and guides you find on explain different aspects of insurance.

We provide this information to help you decide what type of policy suits your needs. You then pick the policy and type of cover that you think is right for you.

Can you tell me who I’m insured with?

Insurance comparison services like do not know who you have bought a policy with.

That’s because you do not take out a policy with, you take it out with the broker whose price and quote you picked from the results we displayed to you.

If you need to find out who you are insured with then you should check your policy documents or your bank statement to see where your money keeps going every month (or where it went in a one off annual payment).

Comparison sites can tell you what quotes were displayed, so if you’re trying to track previous or old quotes down, we should be able to help you out.

Can I make changes to my policy? is an insurance comparison website; we’re not a broker or insurer so we can’t help you make any changes to your insurance policy.

If you’ve changed address or want to add some extras to your policy for example, you will need to contact your insurer to change any details.

How do I make a complaint?

At, we pride ourselves on high-quality customer service because making car, van and motorbike insurance comparison better for you is our main aim.

Poor customer service will not let us achieve that goal and that’s why we take it so seriously.

We’re confident that you won’t ever have to make a complaint but if you do then will strive to reach a resolution that everybody is happy with.

Please go to our Contact Us page if you wish to make a complaint.

Can you beat my insurance quote?

The Cheapest Price Guarantee says that we will beat your cheapest online quote, and we mean it.

So if you do find a cheaper quote (based on the basic policy price), get in touch with and we’ll beat it.

We will of course need proof but if we get it and it matches our terms and conditions, we’ll beat it.

You can learn more about our Cheapest Price Guarantee using the link but it’s worth remembering that we do not promise to beat any price you get over the phone; it applies to online quotes only.

What insurance group is my car in?

Your car insurance price is partly based on your car’s insurance group.

This is determined by your car’s CO2 emissions. Essentially the lower the emissions, the lower your car insurance group and the lower your premium should be.

Insurance groups go from one to 50 and the higher numbers pay more for insurance than those in single digit groups.

Your car’s insurance group is not the only thing that determines how much your insurance premium will be, in fact it makes a fairly limited impact on how much you pay for insurance.

What is an auto-renewal?

Some car, van and motorbike insurance providers have something called an auto-renewal written into your policy.

It’s usually in the terms and conditions that you sometimes don’t read all the way through even though you know you should.

Auto-renewals are no bad thing, they just, as the name suggests, mean that your insurance policy will automatically start again when your policy expires.

That’s good because it means you will never be without insurance, a legal requirement in the UK under Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) laws.

The less good news is that while the auto-renewal price you are offered by your insurer may be cheaper than what you’ve paid for the previous 12 months, you can often beat it by comparing new insurance quotes.

Your insurer will send you a letter of renewal 30-days before your policy expires. It will show how much your new insurance policy will cost and also inform you of any No Claims Bonus you have accrued.

It should also inform you of the auto-renewal process and how you can stop that from happening. You need to decide whether you’re happy simply carrying on with your auto-renewal or whether you can beat it by comparing insurance prices online (which you probably can on

Check whether or not your insurer has an auto-renewal clause in your policy before you buy.

How do motoring convictions affect my insurance?

All car, van and motorbike insurance prices are based on risk and the more risk you have, the higher your premium will be.

Motoring convictions and endorsements on your licence mean that insurers will see you as more of a risk than somebody with a clean driving licence.

Some insurers specialise in providing insurance to drivers who have convictions and endorsements on their licence, so it’s not all bad news if you have points on your licence.

But as a general rule, if you have penalty points and motoring convictions, your car, van or motorbike insurance premium should increase.

How do I cancel my insurance?

Cancelling your insurance can be expensive because insurance providers may charge you to do it.

This charge is called a cancellation fee and will need to be paid if you look to finish your contract before its official end date.

You should still be refunded some of the value of your insurance premium if you do cancel but that depends how you paid for it. If you paid your fee up front and cancel after six months of a 12-month contract, you should receive a six-month refund.

If you cancel your policy before it ends you may also lose your No Claims Bonus.

All this depends on your insurance provider and their terms and conditions. Make sure you read and understand them thoroughly before cancelling anything.

If you want to cancel your policy within the first 14 days of the contract you will not have to pay a cancellation fee because you’re still inside the ‘cooling-off’ period.