Different types of commercial van insurance

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Lots of people who drive a van do so for commercial or business purposes rather than using the big, useful vehicles as an everyday run-around.

If you use a van for business purposes – whether that’s driving between offices or delivering goods – you need commercial van insurance.

What’s covered – the basics

Just like cars and motorbikes, there are three basic forms of van insurance available and they’re different in the amount of cover they give you:

  • ComprehensiveThe highest level of cover. It insures you against damage to your van and other vehicles, whether or not any damage was your fault.
  • Third Party Fire and TheftThe middle level of cover. It covers you against damage you cause to other vehicles as well as the costs of damage caused by fire or theft.
  • Third Party OnlyThe minimum legal level of cover in the UK. It covers you against damage you cause to other vehicles.

If you use your van for commercial use, even if it’s just commuting to work, you will also need some form of business van insurance, too.

The types of business van insurance

There are different types of business van insurance and the one you need is determined by how you use your van at work.

  • Carriage of own goods – If you are a builder, for example, who carries their tools and materials between jobs. Then you need carriage of own goods business insurance on top of your standard policy.
  • Carriage of goods for hire or reward – If you’re a delivery driver then you will need courier insurance. It insures the goods you are transporting as well as the van.
  • Haulage – If you’re a delivery driver who has one item to deliver, usually over long distances (think truckers), then you will need haulage insurance.


Does commercial van insurance cover the contents?

Not all commercial van insurance policies cover all of the contents you are transporting, it all depends on what you are carrying and your individual insurance policy

When you are getting a commercial van insurance policy you should always confirm with your insurer whether or not the goods you carry are insured.

How to get commercial van insurance

You can compare commercial van insurance with mustard.co.uk online using our simple quote form or over the phone.

If you want to make sure you are getting the right kind of cover for your business needs, then comparing quotes over the phone is ideal – it’s sometimes easier to explain your circumstances to a real person.

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