What is minibus insurance?

Last updated by mustard.co.uk on January 18th, 2016

If you drive a minibus for private or commercial use you need a specialist minibus insurance policy, as you might expect.

That’s because a minibus isn’t quite a car and it isn’t quite a van either. It has a specific set of characteristics, one being the number of people you can fit inside, and that needs a specific insurance policy.

What is a minibus?

A minibus is a vehicle that seats nine to 16 passengers and in your V5 logbook it will be classed as M2.

If it’s classed as M2 then it is not a car, which means a standard car insurance policy won’t do, and it also means it’s not quite a van, so a standard van insurance policy won’t be good enough either.

What kind of insurance do I need for a minibus?

A minibus is essentially in no man’s land, lost in limbo between a car and a van.

While that might sound a bit dramatic and a little mysterious it’s not because minibus insurance is one of a kind.

Whether you use your minibus for private or business use, a specialist form of insurance is needed.

That’s because there is more risk involved when insuring a minibus because you could potentially be carrying as many as 16 passengers.


What if I use my minibus for commercial purposes?

If you use your minibus for commercial purposes then you will need a form of business insurance.

There are different types of business insurance for standard vans but there are also different options for minibus use, depending on how you use it.

Most minibus insurers will cover you for a variety of different uses including private hire or if a school or club uses your minibus.

Where can I get minibus insurance?

You can get your minibus covered using mustard.co.uk. We compare prices from some of the UK’s leading insurers so that you can choose the quote that you think is best for you.

You can compare minibus insurance prices with mustard.co.uk over the phone and ask questions, which is very useful if you’re not too sure whether you need business insurance or private insurance.

Who is mustard?

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