About us

Posted by mustard.co.uk on September 16th, 2015

We know finding car insurance isn’t everyone’s idea of fun – that’s why mustard.co.uk does things differently.

  • We find you the most competitive quotes we can, which is why we will beat your cheapest online quote, thanks to our Cheapest Price Guarantee.
  • We treat you as an individual and tailor our service over the phone to help you get the cheapest deal possible.

We’re different and we’re changing the way you’re covered for the better. Join the insurance comparison revolution.


We want you to get the right insurance policy: one that suits your bank balance and your needs, so we work with you to make sure that happens.

We can tailor your quote over the phone and treat you as an individual, rather than lumping you together with anyone who is a bit like you.

We will help you make informed decisions too, so if you don’t know the difference between Third Party Fire and Theft and your Compulsory Excess, mustard.co.uk will give you the information you need because we don’t want you flying blind.

You can then pick the policy that suits your needs from the list of quotes mustard.co.uk returns to you.

The mustard.co.uk story

mustard.co.uk is the new kid on the block which is why we’re different when it comes to comparison.

Most people want to save money on their car insurance, which is why we have our Cheapest Price Guarantee.

Some people feel more comfortable talking to somebody than they do with an online form, and that is why you can compare over the phone with mustard.co.uk – the only comparison site that allows you to.

And we think everyone would take a tailored option if it was available, that’s why you can get tailored quotes over the phone with us.

We’re doing things differently; it’s an insurance comparison revolution where you come first and saving you money is our priority.