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Whether you’ve got an electric car or are thinking of buying one, can help you find the best priced policy for your needs. To compare electric car insurance that gives you protection you can rely on, click the green “Get Quotes” button to get started!

What does electric car insurance cover?

Electric car insurance gives you the same protection as standard car cover and just like standard policies, you can choose from one of three levels of cover:

  • Third-party only insurance – compensates other people for injury or damage you’ve caused. These policies don’t cover repairs to your car so if you have an accident, you’re responsible for fixing your own vehicle. This is the minimum level of cover you can have by law.
  • Third-party, fire and theft insurance – includes third-party only cover and also covers the cost if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive insurance – provides third-party, fire and theft cover and also pays to repair or replace your car if it’s damaged or destroyed in an accident. This is the highest level of cover you can buy but not necessarily the most expensive (another great reason to compare).

What other features should I consider?

If you lease your electric car battery, check what the terms and conditions say about this as some insurers will need you to take out separate battery insurance. Plus, don’t forget any accessories that you need to charge your car; for instance, check to see if power cables are covered too.

Most insurers will also give you a choice of optional extras which you can add for a cost. This could include breakdown cover, windscreen cover and legal expenses.

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Are electric cars cheaper to insure?

Generally speaking, it’s more expensive to insure an electric car compared to a petrol or diesel version. Many early policyholders struggled to find affordable cover, a problem that was made worse by lack of choice as few insurers offered appropriate policies.

That said, more and more electric cars are coming onto the market and the technology is fast becoming affordable and mainstream. So while premiums are still relatively high now, they’re more than likely to come down over the next few years.


Why compare electric car insurance?

It’s important to compare electric car insurance quotes simply because the market is changing so rapidly. Improvements in technology have helped level out the electric car market and as they become more mainstream, insurers have a much better idea of how to price electric car policies based on real-life scenarios.

Car insurance is also extremely competitive, and insurers are keen to establish themselves within the newer electric car market. So, when your annual policy comes up for renewal, comparing quotes could save you a lot more than you think. Take a look at the range of providers we have for car insurance here.

At, you search online from a range of leading insurers in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to a friendly expert, contact our call centre on t: 0330 022 8791.


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Electric car insurance FAQs

Why is it more expensive to insure an electric car?

Electric cars often rely on advanced technology and despite the fact there are fewer moving parts, replacements can be very expensive. Both reasons mean that electric cars are usually in higher insurance groups resulting in pricier premiums.

Also, although more and more technicians are being trained in electric car repairs and diagnostics, there simply aren’t enough of them to go around.

How much does it cost to insure an electric car?

Regardless of whether your car’s electric or not, the price of your insurance will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your age — younger drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in a car accident so car cover for under 25s can be significantly higher compared to other age groups.
  • Driving record — penalty points and driving convictions increase premiums considerably.
  • Claims history — a recent claim can increase the cost of your insurance.
  • Number of miles you cover — the more you’re on the road, the greater the chance of an accident which can increase what you pay.

How can I lower electric car insurance rates?

There are several ways to lower electric car insurance costs, for example you can:

  • Pay for your policy upfront – although monthly instalments help you spread the cost, it often includes interest fees which increases what you pay overall.
  • Increase your voluntary excess – this can reduce your overall premium but the amount you agree still needs to be affordable as claims can’t go ahead unless you pay it.
  • Boost security – keep your car as secure as you can, immobilisers and trackers can be a cost-effective way to do this and could lower your premium.
  • Check electric car insurance groups – choosing an electric car in a lower insurance group can mean paying less in premiums. For instance, the VW E-Up, Smart ForFour, and the Renault ZOE are all in groups 10-14. Car Insurance Reviews

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