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If you’re over 50, the great news is that you’re likely to pay far less for your car cover compared to other age groups but that doesn’t mean you can’t do even better.

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  • What benefits do over 50s car insurance specialists offer?
  • How is over 50s car insurance calculated?
  • FAQs
  • Useful links
  • Customer reviews

Why compare over 50s car insurance?

Car insurance can give you the help you need when you need it most. Not only can policies pay to repair or replace your car after an accident; they can cover you to drive abroad and also help you continue your journey. 

Searching for over 50s car insurance at means you can compare quotes from leading UK insurers. Seeing what’s available and at what price all in one place, can give you a better idea of the car insurance market overall – helping you make an informed decision. 

Plus, with our Cheapest Price Guarantee* we promise to beat any other online quote so you can be confident about getting the protection you need at the best possible price.

Over 50s car insurance FAQs

What does over 50s car insurance cover?

What’s included in your policy will firstly depend on the level of cover you choose:

  • Third-party only insurance – compensates other people for injury or damage to property that you cause. These policies don’t pay to repair or replace your own vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident. Third-party only is the minimum you can have by law. 
  • Third-party, fire and theft insurance – includes everything offered by third-party only cover and also compensates you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. 
  • Comprehensive insurance – includes third-party, fire and theft and covers the cost of damage to your car if you’re involved in an accident. It’s also the highest level of cover you can buy. 

Insurers will also offer a number of optional extras which you can add on for an increase in your premium – for example:

  • Breakdown cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Personal possessions.

What benefits do over 50s car insurance specialists offer?

There are a handful of providers that specialise in over 50s car insurance but being over 50 doesn’t mean you have to buy your policy from them. 

Specialist policies offer the same level of cover (third party only, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive) but they may also offer additional features specifically tailored to the over 50s age group. 

Depending on the insurer, these features may be included as part of a standard policy or they may be optional extras; features could include:

  • Help with onward travel – if your car can’t be fixed at the roadside, your insurer will fund the rest of your journey by taxi.
  • Unlimited cover abroad – provides you with the same level of cover in the UK and abroad. 
  • Emergency driver – lets someone else drive your car in a medical emergency. 
  • No upper age limit – some standard car insurance policies have an upper age limit, specialist over 50s policies usually don’t. 

When you search for over 50s car insurance, it’s a good idea to compare policies from all types of insurer and not just over 50s specialists, this will ensure you’re getting the best possible price. 

Is car insurance cheaper for over 50s?

Generally speaking, over 50s car insurance costs less compared to other age groups. There’s no single reason for this and it’s often down to a combination of factors including years of driving experience and the accumulation of a good no claims discount

Nevertheless, just because policies for over 50s tend to be cheaper, it’s not a guarantee that they always are, which is why it pays to compare a number of different quotes.

How is over 50s car insurance calculated?

Insurers consider a number of factors to determine your premium, for instance:

  • The car you drive – large, powerful cars in high insurance groups can lead to more expensive premiums. 
  • Where you live – living in a busy, built-up town or city with a high crime rate can increase premiums.
  • How secure your car is – insurers consider it ideal if you can keep your car in a locked garage overnight or a private driveway. If that’s not possible investing in an immobiliser or tracker can help keep premiums affordable. 
  • The number of miles you drive – the more miles you cover, the greater the chance of being involved in an accident which can increase what you pay. 
  • Your driving record – if you’ve got a points-free licence you can expect more favourable premiums compared to someone with driving convictions. 
  • Your claims history – recent claims can increase premiums. 

Taking all these factors into account, insurers will calculate the risk of a claim being made and how much it might be. This is why premiums for some over 50s can be much higher compared to the average for the age group. 

For example, if you owned a car belonging to insurance group 50 (the highest) and had claimed in the last five years, you could expect to pay considerably more compared to someone with a car in group 10 who had never made a claim. 

How can I get cheap car insurance for over 50s?

Although being over 50 means you benefit from some of the best policy prices around, you can still shave more off your car cover by:

  • Paying for your policy upfront – monthly instalments usually include interest fees which increases what you pay overall. 
  • Increase your voluntary excess – this can lower the overall cost of your policy but it should still be affordable as you’ll need to pay it for a claim to go ahead. 
  • Boost security – keep your car as secure as you can as it can help lower premiums. 
  • Limit the miles you do – driving fewer miles can help lower the cost of cover. 

Of course, the best way to find cheap car insurance for over 50s, is to compare quotes with us at Search online from the comfort of home or speak to a friendly, expert advisor on 0330 022 8814.

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