Cheap Van Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Posted by on February 9th, 2017

No matter what you drive or what the offence, whether it’s criminal or motoring, finding insurance is going to be more difficult and more expensive if you have a conviction on your record.

That’s the case for motorbike insurance, car insurance and van insurance too – convictions cost you when it comes to insurance.

How much is van insurance for convicted drivers?

We’ve already touched on it but any conviction will have a negative impact on the cost of your insurance.

Convictions will cost you because statistically you’re more likely to be involved in a road accident and to make a claim if you have a conviction.

But the type of offence you’ve committed and the penalty imposed as a result will determine just how much your insurance premium will jump up.

A drink driving offence carries penalty of as much as six months in prison, an unlimited fine and a potential ban for one year, all of which will stay on your record for 11 years.

It’s a much tougher penalty than if you were convicted of an SP30 where the penalty is between three and six points, which will stay on your record for four years.

As you’d expect, your insurer will charge higher premiums for a driver with a more serious offence and a more serious penalty.

But the amount you pay also depends on your insurer.

Some insurers actively seek out drivers with high-risk profiles because there are plenty out there who can’t get insurance from anywhere else.

Where can convicted drivers find van insurance?

At we have a broad range of insurance providers on our panel of brokers and the good news if you’ve got a conviction is that some of those specialise in van insurance for convicted drivers.

What can I do to reduce my convicted driver van insurance?

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your van insurance however some of the most important things you can do are:

• Limit the size of your van

A big, powerful van or pickup will be expensive to insure, whether you’ve got convictions or not, so if you can, keep your van small and inexpensive.

• Only get the cover you need

Personal van insurance is cheaper than business van insurance as a general rule but some forms of business van insurance are cheaper than others too.

If you don’t need business van insurance, don’t get it, just remember not to drive without the right cover because that’s fraud – and in the event of making a claim, your insurer can refuse to pay out.

Compare Van Insurance Quotes

Compare Van Insurance Quotes