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Can you buy van insurance for young drivers?

Some van insurance companies will only provide cover to drivers aged 21 or over (in some cases, the minimum age could even be 25).

That’s not to say you can’t get van insurance as a young driver; it’s just that you may have a limited number of policies to choose from. You’re also likely to pay considerably more for van insurance compared to most other age groups.

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What are the different types of young driver van insurance?

No matter how old you are, your insurance should reflect the way you use your van. If you’re only using it for personal and leisure reasons, for example going to the shops, visiting friends and family or using it to go camping, a private van insurance policy may cover your needs.

If you’re using your van to get to work each day, you’ll likely need business van insurance which can further increase what you pay.

Whatever you use your van for (known as its class of use) it’s vital to make sure you have the right insurance. If you don’t, you risk invalidating the policy you have. In the eyes of the law, that’s the same as having no insurance at all and can lead to a fine, penalty points or even disqualification from driving. If you have any doubts about the type of policy you need, always speak to your insurer who’ll be able to advise you.


How to get cheap van insurance for young drivers

While van insurance for young drivers can be expensive, premiums are based on all sorts of factors. You can help keep your van insurance costs low by:

  • Paying for your policy annually – instalments can help you spread the cost, but it also means you’ll usually pay added interest.
  • Choosing your van carefully – smaller vans with lower performance levels can cost less to insure so consider what you need and choose your van accordingly.
  • Securing your van – you can help lower your premium by making sure your van is as secure as possible; if you can’t park your van in a locked garage, it could be worth investing in an alarm system or immobiliser.
  • Reducing the miles you cover – this might not be practical but the fewer miles you do, the less you’re likely to pay.
  • Adding a named driver – adding an older driver can lower your premium as it’s assumed you’ll be sharing the driving with someone more experienced.
  • Opting for telematics insurance – also known as black box insurance, these policies monitor the way you drive. If you drive consistently well, you could see your premiums adjusted to reflect this.
  • Comparing policies – this really is one of the quickest and most effective ways to help ensure you never pay over the odds for your van insurance, and at, you can compare quotes and prices all from the comfort of home. You can start your quote online right now or speak to an expert on 0330 022 8791.

Young driver van insurance FAQs

How do you get cheap van insurance for young drivers?

Insurance premiums are calculated using a wide range of factors, with a large proportion of the premium based on your specific risk profile. The amount you pay will be based on your age, the type of cover you want, the amount of cover you need, your personal information, your address, and many other factors.

When is comes to keeping insurance costs as low as possible, here are the obvious tips to help reduce your van insurance premium:

  • Choose the smallest van that will meet your needs
  • Pick a van with the smallest engine size possible
  • Avoid vans that have been modified
  • Compare van insurance quotes for all the models you are considering so you can see where savings can be made.

Also worth noting other things like parking in a locked garage or on a driveway will lower your premium compared to parking on the road, as will fitting an immobiliser approved by your insurer.

Keeping your mileage low and increasing the cost of your voluntary excess will also help reduce costs.

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can get the cheapest van insurance quotes available to you here.

Is van insurance cheaper than car insurance for young drivers?

No, van insurance is likely to be more expensive, because it is a larger more expensive vehicle should you be involved in an accident. Also remember van insurance policies work differently from a car insurance policy, and a private van policy will not cover you for commuting to and from your place of work. If you use your van to travel to work then you must get a business van insurance policy.

Also remember many vans have solid sides and backs which reduces visibility when driving and maneuvering, resulting in higher likelihood of accidents for those who aren’t used to driving a van. If you have been in an accident, have any traffic violations on your record, or have made previous insurance claims, the insurance company will see you as a higher risk and this usually increases the cost of your insurance.

How old do you have to be to get insured on a van?

A 17–year–old Cat B licence holder can drive a car or a van not exceeding 3,500kg, so although young drivers can get van insurance, not all insurers will cover you if you are under 21. Van rental companies will have their own age restrictions and some van insurance companies only offer policies to drivers over 25 years old. Car Insurance Reviews

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