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Last updated by mustard.co.uk on March 2nd, 2022

mustard.co.uk offers a tailored service that is flexible to your needs and requirements when you compare quotes over the phone.

Too many insurers and insurance comparison sites lump you together with other drivers, even though you’re all completely different, because it’s easy.

We know doing things the easy way does not help you save money, which is why mustard.co.uk is changing the way insurance comparison works.

How is mustard.co.uk tailored?

You can compare car, van and motorbike insurance prices over the phone and online with mustard.co.uk.

None of the other insurance comparison websites allow you to compare quotes over the phone so if you don’t like quoting online you’re stuck.

With mustard.co.uk you can quote over the phone and talk to a real person. That means you can explain your driving history, ask questions and get tailored insurance quotes in a way you can’t online.


What happens over the phone with mustard.co.uk?

When you phone up you will speak to a team member who will help you complete your insurance quote over the phone.

That means you’ll get the chance to give extra details that you might not be able to on mustard.co.uk.

For example, if you’ve been a named driver on an insurance policy for 10 years and you’re wondering if you can claim No Claims Bonus (NCB), you’ll get the answer.

If you’re a student and you don’t know whether your drive to college classes as a commute, the details will be explained as well as which policies are available to you.

Based on the questions you’ve asked and the options available, you will be able to get an insurance quotation tailored to you.

You’ll then hear your tailored quotes before you choose the policy that you want based on your needs.

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