Quote over the phone

Last updated by mustard.co.uk on March 2nd, 2022

mustard.co.uk is the only insurance comparison website that allows you to compare insurance quotes over the phone. 

We’re proud of the fact that you have an alternative to online forms when it comes to comparing insurance quotes; it’s another way that you can save money.

Why offer insurance comparison over the phone?

  1. Some people never feel comfortable or confident online and would rather chat over the phone with a real person.

For anyone who doesn’t feel confident on a computer, talking over the phone is our way of keeping you in the loop and allowing you to take advantage of the mustard.co.uk service without being online.

  1. You can ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

There are some occasions where mustard.co.uk users may need questions answered in order to complete their insurance quote.

Whether you own an import and need to know about insuring your foreign vehicle, or you’ve got a question about your No Claims Bonus, when you quote over the phone you can get your questions answered.

  1. You can save money when you compare over the phone.

When you compare quotes over the phone you’re part of a much more flexible process; you can ask questions and get quotes tailored to your needs, which can help you save money.

How does mustard.co.uk work over the phone?

We know that around 50 per cent of you want to complete your quote over the phone and we don’t blame you because it can save you money.

mustard.co.uk works over the phone as you might expect with a team member assisting you to complete the quotation process.

What happens when you’ve completed your quote?

Once you’re finished, you will be told your quotes in price order and you can then pick the policy and type of cover that you want.

Depending on your circumstances you may also receive a quote confirmation email and SMS from mustard.co.uk, as you would if you completed the quote online, so you’ll see all of the quotes that are available to you if you need more time before you pick your new policy.

It’s simple, straightforward and you could save more money when you compare car, van and motorbike insurance quotes over the phone.

It’s the insurance comparison revolution you need to be a part of.