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Posted by on January 18th, 2016

Courier insurance is one of the most popular forms of van cover in the UK.

Despite that, we’re going to bet that most motorists on British roads haven’t got a clue what it is and whether or not they need it.

So what is courier insurance?

Courier van insurance covers couriers, their vans and their packages on the road.

It’s essential for anyone who transports goods and valuables as a part of everyday work because standard insurance policies do not provide enough cover.

Courier insurance policies are much more specialist and are designed for couriers.

Who needs courier insurance?

If you deliver or transport goods and packages for work then you should get courier insurance.

Standard business car policies will provide you adequate cover to the value of your vehicle and any damage you may cause to other vehicles, property and people, but it will not cover the goods inside your van.

And that’s the beauty of a courier insurance policy: enough cover for what’s inside the van.

While it is not illegal to have standard business insurance policies when transporting goods, it may not be wise to run the risk.

Why is courier insurance more expensive?

Vans and courier vans are some of the most highly targeted vehicles by thieves because they carry high-value items and are often left parked in busy areas while deliveries are being made.

That means if they are stolen, insurers will have to fork out for the vehicle and the value of the goods inside.

Similarly, the nature of a courier’s job implies that they will be on the road more than most other drivers, which again, is why they’re often more expensive.

And lastly, delivery drivers and couriers normally work against the clock because they need to complete deliveries by a certain time. They also make multiple stops.

That means insurers see them as high-risk so will charge more to insure them.

While courier policies will seem expensive, there is a reason, and it’s going to be cheaper than having to pay for loss of goods off your own back.

How can I get courier insurance?

You can compare courier insurance quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers with

We are the only insurance comparison site in the UK where you can compare online or over the phone, so if you’ve had enough of online forms, give us a call.

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