Pick-up Truck Insurance

Posted by mustard.co.uk on January 18th, 2016

Pick up trucks are probably more popular than ever before in the UK.

That’s because they serve lots of different purposes and with cab sizes getting bigger, they are a proper alternative to MPVs and large family cars.

But they’re a complicated beast when it comes to insurance because insurers look at them as vans rather than cars.

Why is pick up truck insurance different?

Despite pick up trucks being used as everyday cars, they are just as often used for business purposes.

And because pick up trucks can be used in so many different ways it can be confusing when it comes to insuring them.

Pick up truck insurance – the most important question

The most important question when it comes to pick-up truck insurance is ‘what do you use your pick up for?’.

If you use your pick up for commercial use (which includes commuting) then you will need a form of business insurance.

There are different forms of business insurance for vans and the one you need depends on how you use your van or pick up.

If you use your pick up truck solely for private use then you can get a standard insurance policy most of the time.

Unfortunately some pick ups are too big in some insurers’ eyes and will always be classed as light commercial vehicles. That means private policies are not available on them.

Where can I get pick up truck insurance?

You might have guessed it already but you can get pick up truck insurance here on mustard.co.uk.

We compare insurance quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers which means you get the pick of lots of different insurance policies from lots of different brokers.

And if you don’t want to fill in another online form then we can still help because we are the only insurance comparison website that also lets you compare quotes over the phone.

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