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  • Types of pick-up insurance
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  • Types of pick-up insurance
  • Using your pick-up truck for business
  • Advice & FAQs
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Classifying a pick-up

Versatile, tough and powerful, pick-ups serve lots of different purposes, whether it be haulage, towing or off-roading, but what exactly constitutes a pick-up truck?

Well, technically speaking it’s a vehicle that has a cab at the front and an open cargo area at the back to carry goods, tools or materials. With cab sizes getting bigger, they are a real alternative to MPVs and SUVs, however, they’re a complicated beast when it comes to insurance because insurers look at them as vans rather than cars. Here’s where mustard.co.uk can help; we search quotes from some of the UK’s leading van insurers, so you can compare the best deals to get your pick-up covered.

Pick-up insurance advice and FAQs

What is pick-up truck insurance?

Despite pick-up trucks being used as everyday cars, they are just as often used for business purposes. 

For insurance purposes they are classified as vans and because pick-up trucks can be used in so many different ways it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the right insurance policy. 

The main question to ask yourself is what is the ‘class of use’ – is the pick-up for commercial use or private use?

What are the different types of pick-up truck insurance? 

The most important question when it comes to pick-up truck insurance is ‘what do you use your pick-up for?’

If you use your pick-up for commercial use (which includes commuting to and from your place of work) then you will need a form of business insurance.

There are different forms of business insurance for vans and the one you need depends on how you use your van or pick-up. 

If you use your pick-up truck solely for private use then you can get a standard insurance policy most of the time.

Unfortunately some pick-ups are too big in some insurers’ eyes and will always be classed as light commercial vehicles. That means private policies are not available on them.

Many insurers offer special schemes for:

  • American vans & pick-ups
  • Grey imports
  • Modified pick-ups
  • Accident & conviction history
  • Vans used for pleasure.

Will insurance cover what I’m carrying in my pick-up?

If you are using your pick-up to carry goods that need to be insured, then you need to specify this when you are getting a quote. Commercial policies can be extended to cover carrying specialist tools and materials, or equipment or for couriers – you can select ‘carriage of own goods’ or ‘haulage’. 

Be aware that goods are unlikely to be covered if the vehicle is left unattended or if goods are left in the vehicle overnight. Always check the policy details to ensure you understand the level of cover provided should you need to make a claim.

Do I need special van insurance if I use my pick-up truck for business?

As mentioned in the section above, you need a commercial policy if you are using your pick-up for business purposes. Even if you only use your pick-up for business once in a while, you will still need to ensure you have specified ‘business use’ when getting a quote.

If the vehicle is registered in your name, you’ll need sole trader cover, if the vehicle is registered to your company, then you’ll need a business insurance policy.

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