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Finding cheap car insurance for 18-year olds can feel like an uphill struggle.

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  • What does car insurance for 18-year olds cover?
  • Finding cheap insurance for 18-year olds
  • FAQs
  • Useful links
  • Customer reviews

Why compare car insurance for 18-year olds?

Car cover for young drivers is particularly expensive and it’s not unusual for policies to be upwards of £900. 

Comparing policies gives you the chance to see what different insurers are offering and at what price – helping you get a clearer picture of the market. Arming yourself with all this knowledge can give you clarity over what represents the best value for money. 

Not only does comparing at give you access to more than 50 leading insurers, our Cheapest Price Guarantee* means we promise to beat other online quotes so you don’t spend any more than you need.

Car insurance for 18-Year Olds FAQs

What does car insurance for 18-year olds cover?

Car cover for young drivers is no different to other car insurance. As with policies for other age groups, you’ll need to choose from one of three levels of cover: 

  • Third-party only insurance – covers the cost of injury or damage you’ve caused to other people and their property. These policies don’t cover the cost of damage to your car so if you have an accident, you’ll need to pay for your own repairs. 
  • Third-party, fire and theft insurance – gives you third-party only cover and will also compensate you if your car is damaged by fire or is stolen. 
  • Comprehensive insurance – includes third-party, fire and theft cover and also compensates you if your car is damaged in an accident – even if the accident was deemed your fault. 

By law, you must have third-party only cover at the very least. In the past, that often meant third-party policies were the cheapest option but that’s not necessarily true now. That’s because insurers realised that some of the most expensive claims came from high-risk groups (like young drivers) and prices were changed accordingly. 

Today, some of the most competitively priced car insurance packages are actually comprehensive policies which makes it even more important to compare quotes.  

Can 18-year olds get temporary car insurance?

You can get temporary car insurance for 18-year olds but bear in mind that insurers set their own terms and conditions so always check what the minimum age is. Policies can insure you for as little as a day up to a few weeks and they shouldn’t affect your no claims discount.

If you’re borrowing a friend’s car or only drive occasionally, short-term car insurance can be a cost effective and flexible way of getting cover. If you’ve got student car insurance, it can also be an alternative way of arranging cover if you only drive during the holidays. 

Why is car insurance for 18-year olds so expensive?

Insurers analyse data to work out what the chances of a claim being made are. The higher the chance, the pricier the policy. Unfortunately, statistics show that young drivers around the age of 18 are more likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim. 

Another factor that can contribute to higher premiums is the fact that you might also be a student. Taking your car to busy university towns and parking it on the street can increase the risk of damage or theft which can raise premiums too. 

If you’re 18 and have accumulated one years’ worth of no claims discount, then the good news is that so long as you keep on going, premiums are more than likely to come down. 

How can I find the cheapest car insurance for 18-year olds?

If you’re 18 and struggling to find cheap car insurance, there are ways to keep costs down; for instance, you can:

  • Pay for your policy in one go – although it’s a lot of money, paying upfront can actually work out cheaper. Paying in monthly instalments might be more manageable but you may have to pay interest fees – increasing what you pay overall. 
  • Increase your voluntary excess – doing this can lower your overall premium but it still needs to be affordable. Claims can’t go ahead if you don’t pay the excess. 
  • Be accurate with your mileage – overestimating the miles you do can increase the cost of cover because the more you’re on the road, the greater the risk of an accident.
  • Boost security – keep your car as secure as you can, immobilisers can be a relatively inexpensive way to do this and it could shave a few pounds off your premium.   
  • Avoid modifications – changing your car from its factory spec might make it unique but it’s also likely to increase your policy. The only modifications that might not affect your premium are those that improve security. 
  • Try a Black Box policy – also known as telematics insurance, premiums are based on your driving. A device installed in your car will monitor the way you drive, sending the information back to your insurer. If you drive consistently well, you could see a reduction in your premium.
  • Add a named driver – adding a more experienced driver to your policy can help lower premiums. Be aware that falsely declaring an experienced driver as the main driver (with you as the named) to lower insurance costs is called fronting. Fronting doesn’t just invalidate your policy, it’s also insurance fraud. 
  • Choose a small car – smaller, less powerful cars are usually cheaper to insure compared to expensive cars with large engines. If you’re on the lookout for a new car, check to see what insurance group it belongs to first. The lower the group number, the cheaper it is to insure. 
  • Take an advanced course – some insurers are willing to discount premiums if you’ve done an advanced driving course.

Don’t forget – comparing car insurance really is one of the most effective ways to find the best value car insurance no matter what your age. To start your search for car cover that gives you the protection you want at a great price, simply fill in our online form or call a friendly, expert advisor on 0330 022 8814.

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