Car Insurance for 17 & 18 Year Olds

Posted by on March 12th, 2019

Passing your driving test and getting on the road is high on the list of most 18 year olds agenda in the UK.

Unfortunately, getting on the road at 18 is expensive with driving lessons, theory tests and practical tests racking up the costs even before insurance has been factored in.

And in terms of car insurance, premiums don’t get much more expensive than they do for 17 and 18-year-olds.

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Why is car insurance expensive for 18 year olds?

Even if you’ve been driving since the age of 17 and have one year’s no claims bonus under your belt, car insurance at the age of 18 is expensive.

And that’s based on risk.

If you’re aged between 17 and 19, you’re statistically more likely to be involved in a road accident than any other age range on the road – at 18 you’re slap bang in the middle of that range.

What’s worse, drivers aged between the ages of 17 and 19 account for just 1.5 per cent of all UK licence holders however they account for 12 per cent of all fatal and serious crashes.

So as well as being more likely to make a claim on your car insurance at 18, it’s more likely to be serious and expensive to put right in the event of a claim.

As a result, 18 year olds are charged some of the highest premiums in the UK but don’t worry, there are still ways you can reduce the cost of your car insurance policy.

Dos and Don’ts:  Cut the cost of your car insurance at 18 years old

There are lots of different ways you can reduce the cost of your car insurance at 18 years of age and lots of things you should avoid to limit how much you pay.

Don’t modify

Modifications can increase the cost of your car insurance because they can make repairs more expensive and alter the performance of your car, both of which are frowned upon by insurers.

Do shop around

Compare multiple car insurance quotes from multiple insurers to not only find the cheapest quote but also get a quote that suits your needs – something can help you out with.

Don’t drive powerful cars

The bigger and more powerful the car you drive, the more expensive your car insurance will be.

Drive a small, low powered car and you will pay less for your car insurance than if you drove that Ferrari 458 you had your eye on.

Do take extra training

Taking an advanced driver training qualification can reduce the cost of your car insurance as long as your insurer has approved the course you complete.

The Pass Plus scheme is popular with young drivers in the UK and offers motorway training as part of its course.

Don’t park on the road

Don’t park your car on the road if you can help it. Instead, park in a secure garage or driveway.

Do consider telematics

Telematics insurance is ideal for anyone who’s deemed high risk by insurers – as an 18-year-old driver you’re deemed as high risk.

Telematics insurance policies use black box technology to track and monitor your driving behaviour. This information is then used to determine the cost of your insurance so how much you pay is based on your driving rather than industry statistics.

Don’t change your voluntary excess if you can’t afford it

Increasing your voluntary excess can result in lower car insurance premiums but if you can’t afford to make the payment in one lump sum in the event of a claim, it’s pointless and your insurer won’t pay out.

Do be as accurate as you can

When estimating your annual mileage when you’re hunting for car insurance, try to be as accurate as you can.

As a general rule, the more you drive (the higher your mileage) the more you’ll pay for car insurance so if you estimate that you will drive 20,000 miles per year, you’ll pay for that.

If you then only drive 5,000 miles you’re effectively paying for 15,000 miles worth of driving that you’re not doing.

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Compare Car Insurance Quotes