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Posted by on February 9th, 2017

Convictions will not only increase the cost of your car insurance, they can sometimes make finding insurance difficult too.

Fortunately, there are insurers, brokers and comparison sites like that can help you.

Why does car insurance cost more for convicted drivers?

Any driver with a criminal conviction will find that their car insurance is more expensive than it was before and that’s because they’re statistically more likely to make more claims and be involved in more accidents than drivers without a conviction.

That can mean that many insurers and brokers won’t offer you a policy and it sometimes means that those that bump up the cost of their premiums.

Can I get car insurance as a convicted driver?

No matter what conviction you have, whether it’s related to driving or something else, there are insurers and brokers available who will provide you with insurance.

How to reduce car insurance costs for convicted drivers

There are ways for convicted drivers to reduce their car insurance premium however they’re unlikely to be as cheap as somebody that has a clean licence and criminal record.

• Consider telematics

Telematics car insurance policies are great money saving options for anyone that’s deemed high risk and, as a convicted driver, you’re about as high risk as they come.

Telematics policies use black box technology to monitor and record driving behaviour, along with the number of miles you drive.

That information is then fed back to your insurer in an attempt to work out a fair price for your insurance that’s based on your driving rather than industry statistics.

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• Limit your mileage

The less you drive your car, the lower your car insurance will be. If you can limit your driving to 5,000 miles rather than 15,000, you should see savings in the cost of your insurance premium.

• Security

Keeping your car secure can reduce your insurance premium if it’s fitted with an alarm and immobiliser that’s approved by your insurer.

Similarly, if you park your car in a secure garage or on a driveway rather than on the road, your premium should be cheaper.

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