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  • What affects the cost of car insurance for women?
  • Finding cheap car insurance quotes for women
  • FAQs
  • Useful links
  • Customer reviews

Can I buy cheap car insurance for women?

At mustard, we can help find the right deal for you, by comparing quotes from some of the UK’s most recommended insurance providers

If you’ve held a driving licence for a while you might remember the days when women drivers regularly paid less for car cover. This is because women are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim.

Under 2012 EU rules on gender-neutral pricing, insurers have to charge the same prices to women and men for the same insurance products without distinction on the grounds of sex. As a result, being female is no longer an automatic pass to lower premiums. 

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Why are there specific insurance companies for women?

Data has shown that men and women have very different driving habits. Female drivers are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim. It has also been proven that insurance claims made by women are often less severe than those made by men. It is for this reason that insurance providers were once able to offer policies designed specifically for women.

Before the 2012 ruling, it was legal to sell car insurance at lower prices to female drivers. As a result, a number of insurers decided to provide car cover to women only.  

When the law changed, these particular insurers had to offer car insurance to male drivers too. Despite that, many providers still skew their marketing towards a predominately female audience but cater to customers of all genders. 

Is car insurance cheaper for women?

Although insurance companies are not allowed to provide cheaper car insurance based on your gender alone, women do tend to pay less for their car insurance – but not because they’re women. 

When it comes to working out your premium, insurers will consider all sorts of factors – none of which comes down to whether you’re male or female. 

While gender’s no longer a consideration, age still remains a factor when calculating your car insurance costs. Arguably, the change in law has meant that younger female drivers have been affected the most.

In reality, car insurance is a hugely competitive market no matter what your gender. That’s why it’s so important to compare quotes from a range of insurers, and not just those that previously catered to a particular audience – like women.

Car insurance for women FAQs

What affects the cost of car insurance for women?

When it comes to working out the cost of cover, insurers typically take into account:

  • Your age – younger drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents which is reflected in premiums. 
  • Your job – insurers consider some jobs to be riskier than others which can increase the cost of your car insurance. 
  • Where you live – you could end up paying more if you live in a busy town or city with lots of traffic and higher crime rates. 
  • Your car – smaller, less powerful cars are cheaper to insure compared to larger vehicles which are more likely to result in expensive claims in the event of an accident. 
  • Your driving record – if you’ve got a clean, points free licence you’ll pay less than a driver with convictions.

What does car insurance for women include?

Ladies car insurance is no different from any other type of car insurance and you’ll get to choose from one of these three levels of cover:

  • Third-party only – compensates other people for injury and damage you cause. This is the minimum you can have by law but bear in mind these policies don’t compensate you if your car is damaged, so it’ll be up to you to pay for repairs. 
  • Third-party, fire and theft – includes third-party only cover and also compensates you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive – includes third-party, fire and theft and also covers the cost of repairing or replacing your car if you’re involved in an accident, even if the accident was your fault. 

What other features does car insurance for women include?

Policies aimed at women often provide additional cover for items like a handbag or child car seat – both of which can be expensive to replace. 

Policies will usually limit the amount you can claim so if these are available options it’s worth comparing what those limits are. 

Do some insurers only provide ladies car insurance?

Since 2012 it’s been against the law to discriminate potential customers based on what sex they are. Although insurers can specifically target a female audience, they cannot refuse to sell policies to men. 

How can I get cheaper car insurance quotes for women?

  • Pay for your policy in one go – paying in monthly installments means interest fees are added so you end up paying more overall. 
  • Increase your voluntary excess – this can lower your overall premium, but make sure it’s still affordable because you’ll need to pay it for a claim to go ahead. Read about the differences between compulsory and voluntary excess in our blog.
  • Limit the miles you do fewer miles means less chance of being involved in an accident which can help lower your premium.
  • Boost security – keeping your car in a locked garage or on a private driveway is ideal, but an immobiliser is a good second best. 
  • Avoid modifications – modifications make your car unique which can increase its desirability and repair costs – both of which can raise your premium.
  • Try telematics insurance – a telematics device fitted to your car monitors your driving and bases premiums on how you drive. This type of cover is also known as Black Box insurance.

Can I identify as a woman for car insurance? is an inclusive insurance comparison site and does not discriminate. Identifying as a woman shouldn’t make any difference to the cost of your car insurance as it’s against the law to discriminate on gender.

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Are car insurance quotes for women cheaper?

Data shows that on the whole, ladies car insurance does cost less. However, this is down to their individual circumstances like the type of car they drive, occupation and driving history rather than the fact they’re female.

What is specialist car insurance?

While you can’t move for Ford Fiestas or Nissan Qashqais in the UK, there are lots of different makes and models of cars, as well as different types, on our roads and they all need insurance.

You may need a specialist car insurance policy if:

Here are we can help you find quotes for all these different circumstances, complete our simple online form and let us search for you!

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