What is Third Party Only insurance cover?

What is Third Party Only insurance cover?

Third Party Only car insurance is the most basic form of cover in the UK.

It offers less cover than Third Party Fire and Theft (because there is no Fire and Theft part) and nowhere near as much as fully Comprehensive policies.

As a result it is the UK’s minimum legal requirement for car insurance and often the cheapest form of car insurance available.

It covers you for damage or injury to other road users but that’s about it. If your car is damaged, you won’t be able to make a claim, and if you’re injured, your insurance won’t cover you either.

Third Party only – what’s covered?

  • Damage to other vehicles and property.
  • Injuries to other motorists and passengers in your car.
  • The cost of medical treatment for personal injuries.
  • The cost of legal claims against you.

What is Third Party Only insurance cover?

Is Third Party car insurance worth it?

Third Party Only cover is generally the cheapest form of cover available but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes it can be more expensive than TPFT and Comprehensive insurance so it’s important that you look at all types of car insurance before making your decision.

But beyond price, you need to decide whether Third Party cover is enough for you.

If you have an expensive car then it may be better to get Comprehensive or TPFT cover. If you have an inexpensive car, Third Party might be enough cover for you.

So which insurance policy should I go for?

The policy you pick and the level of cover you go for really depends on you and your needs.

Price should not be the only factor that influences your choice when it comes to insurance. First and foremost your policy needs to give you the right amount of cover.

Once you’ve got the right level of cover sorted, then price should come into your decision process and that’s where mustard.co.uk can help because we find the cheapest vehicle insurance deals available, online and over the phone.