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Posted by on February 9th, 2017

Performance cars are built for speed, handling and excitement.

They’re powerful and often impractical but in terms of desirability, there are few other cars that match them.

Unfortunately, all of those factors mean that performance car insurance is generally more expensive than premiums for superminis, hatchbacks and standard runarounds.

How much does performance car insurance cost?

Performance car insurance isn’t cheap because performance cars are viewed as high-risk vehicles in the eyes of most insurers in the UK.

Why is performance car insurance expensive?

In terms of engine size, they’re incredibly powerful, which means high speeds are easily attainable and they’re more likely to be involved in accidents than cars with smaller engines.

They’re expensive too and that means any repairs, no matter how small or minor they are, are likely to be expensive to carry out.

And in the eyes of thieves and vandals, high performance cars are also much more desirable, meaning they’re more likely to be damaged or stolen than a Ford Fiesta.

All this adds up to a high risk profile for high performance cars because owners are more likely to claim on their insurance and when they do, it’s going to be expensive to solve.

How to reduce the cost of performance car insurance

There’s no getting away from the fact that performance car insurance will be more expensive than an insurance policy for a family hatchback.

But there are still ways that you can drive down the cost of your insurance, no matter how expensive your car or how big your engine is.

1.’s Cheapest Price Guarantee

At, we’re committed to helping you save money on your car insurance, no matter what you drive, which is why we’ve got a Cheapest Price Guarantee.

If you find a cheaper quote anywhere else online, we guarantee to beat it.

2. Compare quotes

Don’t take the first quote you see, use car insurance comparison websites like to compare multiple quotes from multiple brokers to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to.

3. Keep it safe

Think about extra security devices and where you park your high performance car.

Fitting a security device that’s approved by insurers to your car can reduce the cost of your premium, while an immobiliser and alarm can also slash costs.

Similarly, parking your vehicle in a secure garage or on your driveway, as opposed to on a public road, will reduce the cost of your performance car insurance.

4. Limit your mileage

If you’re committed to lowering the cost of your performance car insurance premium, it’s worth thinking about the miles you drive.

Generally, the more miles you drive the more expensive your car insurance will be, so it’s important to be as accurate as possible when you estimate your mileage.

If your performance car isn’t your everyday runaround, make sure you get your mileage right because you pay for what you declare.

5. Further training

Further training can sometimes reduce the amount you pay for your car insurance.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, their Pass Plus qualification can result in discounts of up to 35 per cent per year.

What you must do is check that the further training you take is approved by your insurer, otherwise you’ll complete a qualification which might improve your driving, but it won’t necessarily reduce your premium.

6. Named drivers

Adding named drivers to your policy can reduce the cost of your premium if they’re older and more experienced than you.

You must not add an older, more experienced driver as the main driver however if they do not do the majority of the driving in the car – that’s called fronting and is illegal.

Compare performance car insurance quotes with

You can compare performance car insurance quotes with

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes