Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Posted by on January 25th, 2017

Young Driver Insurance is one of the most commonly searched for policy types in the UK.

That’s despite a 21 per cent decrease in the number of 17 to 21 year olds taking their driving test over the last nine years.

So why is it such a common enquiry for insurers? The answers straightforward, young drivers struggle to get their hands on affordable car insurance.

Why is Young Driver car insurance expensive?

Young Driver car insurance is expensive because drivers aged 17-24 years old are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents than drivers aged over 25.

Unfortunately, young driver insurance policies reflect this with those aged 17 to 22 paying £1,240 on average.

It’s a fact of life for young drivers and those newly qualified however there are ways to drive down the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

Ways to reduce Young Driver car insurance

1. Telematics insurance

Telematics insurance can substantially reduce the amount young drivers pay for insurance.

A telematics box (sometimes called a black box) is installed in your car and it monitors the way you use your car and how you drive.

The upside is if you drive safely – stick to speed limits, accelerate and brake sensible for example – you could be rewarded with reductions in your premium.

It also means that you only pay for cover for the miles you drive; when estimating annual mileage on standard policies it’s easy to get this wrong.

2. Limit add-ons

Add-ons will add to the cost of your premium so if it’s a nice to have rather than a must have, go without; young drivers pay enough for car insurance without driving the cost up if you don’t need to.

3. Be sensible about your car and policy

Nobody really wants to drive around in a 14-year old hatchback but it’s likely to cost less to insure than a top of the range coupe.

If you’re sensible with the choice of your car and stick to models in the low numbered insurance groups, you’ll save money.

Similarly, think about your policy and the level of cover you actually need. If your car is worth £200, a Comprehensive policy might not be worth it after excesses are paid.

4. Compare different types of policies

Comprehensive car insurance isn’t always the most expensive option and Third Party Only isn’t always the cheapest.

Compare car insurance quotes for all three policy-types and see which is cheapest.

5. Increase your excess

Increasing your voluntary excess will reduce the amount you pay for your car insurance.

What’s important is that whatever you increase it to, you can still afford to pay it in a lump sum, remembering that you’ll have compulsory excess to pay as well.

6. Second drivers

Adding a second driver to your policy can reduce your premium if they’re older, experienced and haven’t made a claim in the past.

What you can’t do is change the name of the named driver to somebody who is more experienced and older if you are the main driver. That’s illegal and is called Fronting.

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