Flux Direct Car Insurance


Flux Direct is a leading insurance specialist in the UK and one with a wide range of car insurance options.

As standard, Flux Direct offers free legal cover and is wholly based in the UK, meaning UK call centres and teams.

On top of that, Flux Direct also has the usual insurance options available, including ComprehensiveThird Party Only and Third Party Fire and Theft policies.

But it doesn’t stop there because Flux Direct has a number of additional insurance products available as well.

Insurance options from Flux Direct:

  • Gadget cover
  • Keycare
  • Driverguard
  • Flux rescue
  • Personal and family protection cover
  • Total loss protection
  • Misfuel cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Agreed value

That all adds up to a pretty good service from Flux Direct and because of that, it’s on the mustard.co.uk panel but another Flux brand makes the grade too.

Flux Telematics

As you can probably guess from the name, Flux Telematics provides telematics policies to UK drivers, usually young motorists.

Telematics policies allow you to lower the cost of your premium through good driving which is recorded by a black box in your car.

The black box monitors how you drive and if Flux Telematics thinks you’re driving well (based on factors that should be in your policy wording), the cost of your policy could go down.

So whether you compare over the phone or online, mustard.co.uk returns some of the most competitive car insurance quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers so you can save money.