Hastings Car Insurance


Hastings is a famous name in UK car insurance and one that’s been trading since 1997.

In almost 20 years on the market, the broker has provided a comprehensive range of insurance products, so much so that it’s launched a number of different brands to cope with its expanding range.

All three brands are available on mustard.co.uk with each providing slightly different services.

  1. Hastings Essentials

Hastings Essentials is a no frills option that covers the basics and can help you save that little bit extra on your insurance premium.

  1. Hastings Direct and SmartMiles

Hastings Direct is the standard option that offers all levels of cover, from Comprehensive to Third Party Only, with lots of other options, including telematics insurance. It’s the Direct brand that Hastings is most famous for.

SmartMiles is Hastings’ telematics product. You can learn more about telematics with mustard.co.uk.

  1. Hastings Premier

As the name suggests, Hastings Premier is the brand’s high-end offering. It adds a list of extras features and benefits to policies as standard. For example, usual options like legal protection and courtesy cars are offered as standard.

  1. People’s Choice

People’s Choice is one of Hasting’s lesser-known brands but one that provides different levels of car insurance and comes with a Defaqto 5 Star rating nonetheless.

All three of Hastings’ brands are available on mustard.co.uk because we also believe in offering you a wide choice of products to make sure you can pick the right policy at a price that’s right for you.