WiseDriving car insurance


WiseDriving is a telematics-based insurer that bases its policy prices on the information gathered by its black box recorders.

According to WiseDriving, black box technology is good for drivers as it means their policy price is based on how well they drive, rather than being calculated based on the average risk of age groups and other factors.

But it gets better with WiseDriving as they also offer discounts at the start of an insurance policy, even before the benefits of the black box kick in.

Other extras: 

  • A Theft Tracking service provided as standard
  • Breakdown cover from the RAC
  • Excess cover in the event of a claim
  • Legal cover
  • Key cover

You can compare telematics insurance prices on mustard.co.uk and see whether WiseDriving offers cheaper policy prices than some of the other leading UK insurance brokers on our panel.