Classic wedding car insurance

Classic wedding car insurance

Whether you hire out classic wedding cars for a living or just for the occasional big day, compare quotes that meet your needs at

Why compare classic wedding car insurance?

Comparing quotes through, means you can easily see what different policies include at a glance – saving you valuable time and potentially money.

Insurance policies can cover the cost of damage to your classic car as well as compensate other people for damage or injury you cause. In most cases you’ll also be able to add on extra features, for example; cover for misfuelling, lost keys and legal expenses.

Bear in mind that insurers set their own terms and conditions so while many policies broadly cover the same events and risks, they aren’t identical so it is important to check the individual policy details carefully before purchasing.

It’s also particularly important to remember that classic car insurance sometimes uses an ‘agreed value’ of your car. This is a figure that both you and your insurer agree your classic car is worth – which means it might not be the same as the market value. With that in mind, it’s vital to make sure you’re happy with it as this will be the amount of compensation you receive if your car is written off.

Classic wedding car insurance


What counts as a classic wedding car?

Cars can be considered classics in a number of different ways. From a tax standpoint, cars exempt from vehicle excise duty need to be at least 40 years old. For HMRC purposes (like benefits in kind) cars need to be at least 15 years old.

When it comes to insurance, you’re likely to find each insurer has their own definition which is another good reason to compare quotes in the first place.

Do I need a licence for classic wedding car hire?

As long as you carry no more than eight people in your classic wedding car, then no – you won’t need a special licence to operate (the same also applies to funerals).

If you’re likely to carry any more passengers, you’ll need check the rules your local authority has in place and apply for a licence.

Do I need business insurance for classic wedding car hire?

Whether you need a full business insurance policy will depend on how often you hire out wedding cars. For instance, if you only occasionally hire out classic wedding cars, then a hire and reward policy may be all you need. Essentially, these policies cover you to drive other people in exchange for money.

If you make a living from hiring out classic wedding cars, then a business car insurance policy could offer better value as it’ll cover a more comprehensive range of events and incidents including employers’ liability.

Whether you opt for hire and reward or full business insurance, you’ll be able to add extra features to your policy. Popular additions well worth considering include public liability cover, legal expenses cover, as well as breakdown and recovery.

Can I insure imported classic wedding cars?

In most cases, yes – you’ll be able to insure cars that have been imported. So, for example if you’ve got a classic American wedding car like a Cadillac or Lincoln, then you should be able to find a policy.

Most policies will cover a range of vehicles so whether you hire out British classics like a Rolls Royce or Bentley, custom kit cars or other specialist vehicles, there’ll be one to cover your needs.

Classic wedding car insurance

How much does classic wedding car insurance cost?

Cost depends on a range of factors that are unique to you. Insurers will consider the type of classic wedding car you want to insure, the mileage you cover, the car’s value, your personal details and your location. Using this information, insurers will work out a bespoke premium.

If your classic wedding car hire business is seasonal or very occasional, don’t be afraid to speak to your insurer in order to work out the most cost-effective option. For example, if you only hire out cars for the odd weekend here and there, it might be cheaper to activate a short-term policy as and when you need it.

Can I get classic wedding car insurance for self-hire?

If you only provide the classic car and don’t provide a chauffer service, you’ll still need to organise insurance for the vehicle. If that’s the case, your insurer may have a set of conditions that the driver (hirer) will need to meet. Conditions could include a minimum driver age and the need for a clean driving licence.

I’m getting married, how much is it to rent a classic car for a wedding?

Hire cost comes down to the type of classic car you’re after and hire firms will also charge in different ways. Some can be quite specific and give you options based on distance, while others will quote for a block of hours to a whole day.

If you are looking specifically at classic wedding cars, a ballpark figure for something like a Rolls Royce is likely to be at least £300.  Anything considered vintage is likely to be slightly more.

Remember, when searching for any quotes it is always best to compare first to make sure you find the best deal for you.