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Does being a student affect car insurance?

Being a student can affect your car insurance and it’s likely you’ll pay more than the average. That’s because insurers take into account a number of factors to work out the potential risk of a claim being made. For students, those risk factors are high for a number of reasons, including:

  • Age – students are typically young, inexperienced drivers and statistics show under 25s are involved in more accidents.
  • Location – term time addresses and campuses are usually in busy urban areas prone to heavy traffic increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Unsecured overnight parking – at busy student houses, lack of off-street parking can mean there’s a greater chance of your car being vandalised or stolen.

Even if you’re a mature student, you’ll still be grouped into the overall student category so you could still see the cost of your insurance increase.

The good news is that comparing car insurance quotes can help you find the best deals and student discounts so that you never pay more than you need.

Student car insurance FAQs

What does student car insurance cover?

Student car insurance isn’t different from standard car cover although you might find some insurers willing to give you discounts on extra features. Like other types of car insurance, you’ll be able to choose from one of three levels of cover: 

  • Third-party only insurance – compensates other people for injury or damage to their property that you’ve caused. Third-party only policies don’t cover the cost of damage to your own car so if you have an accident, you’ll need to pay for repairs. 
  • Third-party, fire and theft insurance – provides third-party only cover and also compensates you if your car is damaged by fire or is stolen. 
  • Comprehensive insurance – provides third-party, fire and theft cover and also pays compensation if your car is damaged in an accident – even if the accident was considered your fault. 

Third-party only is the minimum you can have by law and in the past, it used to be one of the cheaper types of car insurance. That’s not always the case now, especially for young drivers as insurers realised that some of the biggest claims came from third-party policy holders. 

With that in mind, don’t assume minimal third-party cover will give you the best value policy. Comprehensive car cover not only gives you greater protection, policies can be very competitively priced – even for young drivers

What is temporary student car insurance?

Temporary student car insurance provides short-term cover usually lasting for a few days or weeks. The minimum length of the policy will depend on the insurer’s own terms and conditions but they’re ideal if you only drive occasionally – for instance when you’re home during the holidays. 

You get to choose from the same levels of cover so you’re not protected any less – it’s just that policies only cover a shorter period rather than the usual 12 months. 

If you don’t drive while you’re away at college or uni, temporary student car insurance can be a cheaper, flexible way to arrange cover while you’re at home. 

Can I get cheap car insurance for students?

Car insurance is almost always going to cost more if you’re a young driver. That said, there are ways to help keep costs down – here are some ideas:

  • Pay for your policy in one go – if you can, pay for your policy upfront. It’s a lot of money but it’ll save you from monthly interest charges if you pay by instalments. 
  • Increase your voluntary excess – this can lower your overall premium, but remember that you still need to pay it for a claim to go ahead so it should still be affordable. 
  • Boost security – if you don’t have the luxury of a garage or private driveway, increasing your car’s security (for example with an immobiliser) could result in a discount from the insurer.  
  • Avoid modifications – adding features to your car or changing any of its factory settings makes it more expensive to fix and potentially more desirable to thieves – all of which can lead to higher premiums.  
  • Try a telematics policy – also known as Black Box insurance, these policies base premiums on your driving. A device fitted in your car will monitor the way you drive, sending the data collected back to your insurer. If you drive consistently well, you could see premiums fall faster compared to other policies.

Is car insurance cheaper for students than the employed?

Generally speaking, no, car insurance isn’t cheaper for students compared to someone with a job. This is mainly for the reasons we mentioned earlier, such as age. However, it’s important to remember that insurance policies are designed for individuals and insurers will consider your own circumstances. 

Some jobs are given a higher risk profile by insurers compared to others. For example, sports professionals tend to pay a lot more than clerical workers like secretaries. So, if someone in a high-risk job also had a very expensive car and lived somewhere with a high crime rate, their premium is likely to reflect that. 

Is an apprentice classed as a student for car insurance?

There’s no straightforward answer to this one and it really depends on the terms set by insurer. Whatever policy you opt for, you’ll need to state your main occupation. 

If you have two jobs whichever one you spend more time doing, is considered your ‘main occupation’. The second job should be shown as your part-time occupation. If you’re an apprentice, you’ll usually be asked to put down the trade or role your apprenticeship is in then list that you’re a part-time student. If in doubt, speak to the insurer who’ll be able to advise according to their own guidelines.

How do I search for student car insurance UK?

At you can search from over 50 insurance providers which means you can confidently search for car cover and find a policy that fits your needs and your budget. 

Comparing quotes is also simple and quick, you can do it online or speak to a friendly advisor on 0330 022 8814. Plus, with our Cheapest Price Guarantee*, we promise to beat your cheapest online quote.

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