How to check your driving licence

Last updated by on November 5th, 2018

Not many of us check our driving licence on a regular basis, so when we’re faced with questions about our driving history, knowing where to find the information can leave us a bit stumped.

But the good news, is that viewing our driving licence information can be done quickly and easily online – here’s how.

How do I check my driving licence?

You can check your licence at GOV.UK, you’ll need to have handy:

• your driving licence number (on line five on your photocard licence, it starts with the first five letters of your surname)
• your National Insurance (NI) number
• the postcode on your driving licence

When you access your information, you’ll find a summary of your details (such as date of birth and address). You’ll also be able to see the types of vehicles you can drive, any penalty points and periods of disqualification.

What is a ‘check code’?

If you’re hiring a car, the hire company will usually run a driving licence check. If so, you’ll be asked for a ‘check code’ which can be generated when you’re logged into your licence history.


It’s worth bearing in mind that check codes are only valid for 21 days and hire firms will usually want to see the code when you collect the car. So, if you’ve been organised and have booked your hire car well in advance, don’t forget to generate your check code before you pick the vehicle up.

Do car insurance companies need to check my licence?

When you search for car insurance, insurance companies may ask you for your driving licence number. You’re not obliged to provide them with it, but it means they can check your driving history with the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) database directly, thanks to an initiative called MyLicence.

MyLicence, was set up by the Department for Transport, the DVLA, and insurance industry representatives. Using the scheme gives insurers an accurate picture of your driving record which could potentially lower your premiums as quotes will be based on the most up-to-date information available.

Why should I check my licence?

Let’s be honest, checking your licence probably won’t become a regular pastime, but having online access at your fingertips means you can ensure the information is correct – and an accurate record could help lower your insurance premium.

We can’t help you update your driving licence but we can help you find a car insurance policy that’s right for you and your wallet, without sacrificing the cover you need.

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