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Posted by on March 8th, 2017

Alert: Some on the information on this page may no longer be relevant post-Brexit. For the most up to date information, please visit GOV.UK

Spotting a Ford Mustang on a UK road used to be a rarity but that’s not so much the case nowadays, while a visit to any car show is always littered with lots of brilliant American classics on display as well.

That’s because American cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with the appetite for importing big muscle cars on the rise.

How much is American car insurance?

If you’re importing an American car to the UK to use on the road, you’ll need to get it insured but sometimes that’s not as straightforward as you might imagine.

In fact, getting insurance for your powerful Stateside import can be hard work and expensive if you don’t know where to look.

Why is American car insurance expensive?

Because of the nature of American cars (they’re big, powerful and mechanics aren’t always used to dealing with them), insurance premiums for imports from across the pond are expensive.

Here’s why:

• The more powerful your vehicle, the more expensive it will be to insure – American cars are generally big, powerful, fuel-guzzling beasts
• Repair costs will be higher – sourcing replacement parts for your import will be more expensive than getting spares for a UK or European model
• They’re rare and desirable – that means they appeal to thieves and vandals

All this means that your American import is fairly high risk in the eyes of your insurer and the higher the risk, the more expensive the premium.

Ways to insure your American car

There are a few different ways you can reduce the cost of your American car insurance, some of which apply to all cars.

Increasing security devices and parking in a secure garage or driveway will lower the cost of your car insurance policy, as will shopping around and reducing your annual mileage but if you’re an American car owner, there are a few other ways you can make your car insurance as cheap as possible.

Insure your American car as a classic

If your American car is over a certain age (usually 25 years) you could be able to insure it as a classic.

Classic car insurance is generally cheaper than insurance for new cars because they’re used less frequently and owners take better care of them in the eyes of insurers.

If your American car can be insured using a classic policy, it could be worth doing.

You can compare classic car insurance with

Agreed value cover for your American car

Agreed value cover works different to a standard car insurance policy because you and your insurer agree on the value of your vehicle.

Standard policies use a trade price to determine the value of your vehicle so if you’ve modified your car or you have an import, you can often be left disappointed by the value your insurer slaps on it in the event of a pay-out.

With an agreed value policy, you have a say in the value of your car, which means you won’t be disappointed with its cost if the worse comes to the worst and you need to make a claim.

Join an accredited American car owners club

Lots of insurers offer discounts to members of accredited owners clubs.

If you find an American car owners club that is approved by your insurer, it might be worth joining it because that membership can save you up to 15 per cent off your car insurance premium.

Compare Classic Car Insurance Quotes

Compare Classic Car Insurance Quotes