The 5 best first cars for new drivers

Last updated by on October 30th, 2018

A big part of getting on the road is deciding which car to get and with so many on offer, it can be overwhelming to say the least, especially to a new driver.

Good first cars tend to be on the smaller side as they’re easier to drive (and park!) than larger vehicles and are generally more fuel efficient.

They’re also some of the cheapest cars on the market and as many new drivers are young, this is often a major factor.

We’ve put together our pick of the best cars for new drivers to help you find the right first car for you, no matter what you’re looking for.

Citroën C1

White Citroën C1

One of the best cars for new drivers is the Citroën C1. It’s fun to look at, cheap to run and small enough to make parking a doddle for even the most nervous of drivers.

Yes, when it comes to good first cars the C1 is hard to beat and with prices starting from around £9,000, it’s also one of the cheapest cars on this list.

Also hovering around that price mark are Toyota’s Aygo and the Peugeot 108, which share the same core mechanical structure as the C1, with styling choices being almost the only difference between the three.

Ford Fiesta

Turquoise Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is not only one of the most well-known cars of all time, it’s also the best-selling car ever in the UK, which has to tell you something.

Everyone looks for something different in a first car but the Fiesta ticks most boxes – it’s fun to drive but also has some of the best safety tech on the market, including autobrake and ESP (Electronic Stability Programme).

The most recent incarnation is slightly more expensive than some of the other models on this list but with features like MyKey, where restrictions can be placed on things like speed and stereo volume, depending on who’s driving, many parents will see the extra cost as worth it – although their children might not!

VW Polo

Orange Volkswagen Polo

Another household name is the Volkswagen Polo, which was first released over forty years ago and continues to impress today.

Known for its consistently good build quality, the current model also boasts more inside space and a bigger boot so if you’re looking for something on the larger side, the VW Polo could be the car for you.

Aside from being reliable, the VW Polo has great fuel efficiency and a classic design, making it an ideal first car.

Hyundai i10

Maroon Hyundai i10

A more recent addition to the market is the Hyundai i10, which has found itself very popular among new drivers.

The city car comes with a great variety of extra features depending on the model and has a five-year warranty as standard, a major bonus.

Affordable and cheap to run, the Hyundai i10 only comes as a five-door, making it practical and spacious inside without losing the benefits of a small car.

Skoda Citigo

Red Skoda Citigo

If your car’s appearance is important to you then the Skoda Citigo’s fun, youthful exterior will definitely appeal.

It falls into insurance group 1, making it one of the cheapest cars to insure and as new drivers are much likelier to have higher insurance premiums anyway, this is undoubtedly an important factor.

When you couple that with the Skoda’s economical petrol engine and attractive price tag, it’s one of the best options cost wise.

Well that’s our five best cars for new drivers but if you’re not quite ready at this stage yet, it might be worth looking at how much it costs to learn to drive and our guide to cheap car insurance for young drivers. 

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