4×4 Car Insurance

4×4 insurance is generally more expensive than insurance for smaller less powerful cars.

That’s because 4x4s sit in some of the most expensive insurance groups around.

So if you own a Range Rover, Vauxhall Mokka or a Ford Kuga, you will usually pay more for your insurance than somebody who drives a Ford Fiesta.

That’s why it’s important for 4×4 (or SUV) owners to compare as many different insurance quotes as possible to make sure you get the cheapest deal you can.

Are 4×4 insurance policies different?

Generally, 4×4 insurance policies are no different to policies for normal cars, with the exception of price, of course.

There are Comprehensive, Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, short-term and 12-month policies available.

However some insurers on the mustard.co.uk panel offer specialist policies with added extras like off-road cover.

Why mustard.co.uk for 4×4 insurance?

At mustard.co.uk, we’re lucky enough to have a panel full of some of the leading insurance brokers in the UK.

Because we have some of the best insurers we can compare lots of different prices to ensure that you get competitive quotes.

We’re so confident that the mustard.co.uk way works that we will beat your cheapest online 4×4 insurance quote online thanks to our Cheapest Price Guarantee.

And if you’ve had enough of completing online forms, you can even compare 4×4 insurance quotes over the phone and get a quote tailored to you.